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My Experience at a Mall/Outlet Location Yesterday


I took some time to get out of the house and visit a serene place to think about life yesterday before I posted. I needed to take a long trip that required GPS assistance. I had major issues with my phone, though. I love my phone to death, but it doesn't have a removable battery, and the one it has dies too quickly for my liking. I wouldn't say the battery is bad. It's just not very good. 

My car charging apparatus wasn't working properly. I was getting the lightning bolt indicator, but the battery was not actually charging. It was draining, as if I didn't even have it plugged up. 

Symptom: Battery dying despite charger being plugged in and lightning bolt indicator on display.

Possible diagnoses: Bad phone battery, bad USB charging cord or extension/adaptor piece, faulty car port, dusty car port or charging unit, or dysfunctional vehicular charging system. 

Solution: Gonna have to buy something regardless. 

As I said, I had already ruled out the battery itself, as it wasn't functioning abnormally. It has always been "not that great." 

I ruled out the USB cable because my battery always charged just fine from home with the home extension piece. So I either had a bad car extension piece (the piece that plugs into the lighter), or the vehicle's electrical system had some issues I needed to know about. I was hesitant to believe it was the extension piece because I had bought three of them previously from various stores. However, that's precisely what it was. 

I met a salesperson named Sarah at Xcell Wireless, who assisted me with finding the right unit. She took her time with me and offered different solutions to my problem. She asked qualifying questions to figure out the best product. I ended up going with a dual USB charger extension piece from a company called MyBat. I'd never heard of them before, but Sarah swore by their products. 

I plugged everything up, and sure enough, the phone started charging normally, the same way it does when I'm at home. I didn't think it was possible for me to own three duds, but I guess I did. 

I called Sarah to thank her for her assistance and let her know I would leave a review. I'm going to leave a formal review, but I wanted to blog about it first. I'm doing this as a consumer who had a genuinely positive experience. I always notice good customer service when I experience it. I usually return to where I have a pleasant experience. 

I also visited Spencer's before I set out on my long journey. Spencer's sells a lot of cool T-shirts, facial jewelry, and "adult personal items," ha-ha. *Blushes*

Well, I have a habit of playing with my labret jewelry when I'm in deep thought. I went to twist it one time the other day, and the little diamond fell out. There was no finding it. It was gone. It was so small that I doubt I'll ever find it, he-he. So I had to get another piece of jewelry. The supervisor there helped me find the correct gauge and length. It's 16 gauge, and the length I prefer is 1/4 inch. That way, the diamond or ball lays right against the area under my lip, and the back doesn't rub against my gums or teeth. 

The ones with the diamonds or faux diamonds are not very secure, though. They don't really screw on as tightly. They are hard as crap to get in, and then you can lose the front with a quickness. But they look the best, so I went with a couple of CZ replacements for now. I don't shop much. I'm not a mall head, but it's good to know that I can still have a good experience when I go there.

My much-needed journey was good, but I had a horrible headache. When I got home, I took one Tylenol and steered clear of the ibuprofen. I then ate some salmon and had a protein shake and lots of water. I'm fine now and still home, of course. I think I just forgot to eat because I had a lot on my mind. Uncalled-for feckery will do that to you sometimes.  

And now... that prayer song. 

Loyalty, Commitment, and Rose-Colored Glasses


Loyalty is a two-way street. So is commitment. That rings true in the game of work and the game of romance. 

Until recently, I'd always been one to give my dedication, loyalty, and commitment to employers and the people I loved. That's not bad, right? Well, it was bad for me because no one ever gave it back to me. I'd be completely faithful (whether he knew it or not) to some guy who had a whole other household or some dude who didn't even consider making me his wife. Sometimes, it was the same for me even when I was the actual wife. I'd spend all my time alone and without any companionship while these other folks lived full lives without me. 

Some will say it was my fault, but most of those horror stories didn't even exist until I started reading the Bible and getting into "religion." Before then, I was a good mother, good wife, good girlfriend, good person, etc., according to my "friends" and loved ones. They would tell me all the time how much they could see that I loved my kids. The whole narrative changed once I got into the faith and out of most of the dysfunction. Now, I'm all kinds of names and despicable characters, lol. But I can tell you honestly that I gave each person I loved all that I had and all of my heart, which was way more than they ever gave me. 

Note: I wasn't without flaws or sins in my life. I didn't say that. Everyone has a past and does wrong, including me. But generally, I always got the short end of the stick.

Same thing with work. I used to make my jobs my entire life. I'd bust my ass and be all-in with these business establishments that didn't even value me sometimes. I'd be naively head-over-heels excited about selling their products, speaking highly about their company, following their rules, working my fingers or brain to the bone, reaching challenging goals, etc. But they never saw me as "good enough" for a promotion, though. Thus, none of them ever really accepted me. They only accepted what I could do for them at the time, just like the guys who wouldn't commit.  

Well, things change once you have the rose-colored glasses smacked off your face enough times. You can't go back to wearing them again because they're broken, and you would still see the truth through the cracks, even if you tried. 

So then you start acting accordingly, and people now think you're an ass. How dare you keep your options open? How dare you shop around? How dare you split your time up and not want to commit your entire self? 

Well... why should I? 

Why should I claim anything or anyone who wouldn't claim me? Why should I put my heart into anything or anyone? I done did it a million times before, and it never ended well for me. I'm tired. 

Lol. This wasn't a rant or anything. It was just the truth. Like it or not, it's how I feel. I'm not saying anyone owed me anything just because I gave my all. But not ever getting it still caused the same disappointment and hurt.  

I'm not out here doing any establishments dirty or trading secrets or anything. I don't even discuss one with another and so on. I'm definitely not doing any people dirty, because I don't date... at all. I'm just sayin'. I only have so much to give anymore. I'm not a young, career-hungry person who still has her success glasses on. I just want to work and get some pay-pay for some bill pay. Nothing more, nothing less. No head games, no drama, no trauma, and no dream sales. Just pay-pay. It seems simple enough, but it's not in these end times. Believe me; It has deep layers of complexity to it. 

What a headache I had today.