Canyon Bakehouse: The Best Tasting Gluten-Free Bread EVER!

This stuff here is delicious. It's the best gluten-free loaf bread I have ever tasted in my life. It's expensive, but it's worth it. Try it if you can't eat gluten. They have other options for people who don't like white bread. I give it five stars because I can't stop eating it once I get started. I'll eat it as a sandwich, toast, or just rawdog bread with no butter or peanut butter or nuthin'. This loaf gets gone with a quickness!   

Domino's Gluten-Free Pizza (Crust) Review


I finally got up the nerve to try the Gluten-Free Crust at Domino's. As someone who experiences major abdominal swelling, weight gain, fatigue, and other issues immediately after ingesting gluten, I was a bit leery. No, I was very leery. The first thing that made me nervous was the warning they put on the website:

"Domino's pizza made with a Gluten-Free Crust is prepared in a common kitchen with the risk of gluten exposure. Therefore, Domino's DOES NOT recommend this pizza for customers with celiac disease. Customers with gluten sensitivities should exercise judgment in consuming this pizza.

Please note that our Alfredo Sauce is the only topping that contains gluten."

Translation: "The crust doesn't have any gluten, but your pizza still might have gluten in it if we don't clean our oven, or you order the wrong sauce. We can't stop you from playing Russian Roulette with your intestines if you're a celiac, though. Have at it if you like, but we're not responsible." 

I canceled my order last week after reading that, but I was dying to have some regular everyday junk food, dammit. So I took a chance and ordered the pizza with the garlic and parmesan sauce and some mushrooms on top.

So far, so good. No belly swelling. No immediate naptime, and I'm not suddenly 30 pounds heavier. Hallelujah.

I think it's safe to say that this particular pizza didn't have any gluten in it. It was good as hell, too. That thing was so good I ate two slices in my car on the way home. The gluten-free crust actually tasted much better than their regular crust. I'll give it a thumbs up for its quality as a gluten-free item. Most gluten-free foods taste pretty nasty. 

I can't really give it an official "seal of approval" for celiacs and other gluten-sensitive individuals, though. But that's only because Domino's didn't give a seal of approval either. My pizza didn't have any gluten in it, but yours might. Like Domino's basically says in their warning statement, eat it at your own risk. 

*The picture above is from a random website. It is not my pizza. I don't eat pepperoni.*

A Blast From the Past in Automotive Repair

I was looking through my old Google drive for some of my old songs, when I came across this: October 10, 2017 - Monte Carlo cylinder heads immersed in bubbly water with the valves still in, LOL. That was before I removed them and did all the related valve work. 

That was nearly four years ago when I was repairing a motor so that I could once again drive my favorite car around the neighborhood. I still remember the joy I felt the first time I drove that thing to Subway to get my first sandwich after it was fixed. 

What I learned this week is that I never needed to prove myself an automotive technician. I never needed to have an employer "crown" me as one or give me the title of "boss" in the automotive field. I don't really need a piece of paper that says I'm one either, though it'll be a nice new certificate of accomplishment to hang on the wall or keep in my dresser drawers. 

I am an automotive technician, and I don't really need anyone else's approval or acknowledgment of such a fact. That's one of the problems I have that I still need to work on. I still put my self-worth in other people's hands when I shouldn't. When you do that, you ask for trouble. Many people will try to hurt you if they know you have insecurities or vulnerabilities. Others will be too ignorant to see or care who you really are. Then there are the slim few who will acknowledge your talents and abilities. However, your wellness and self-confidence should never depend on whether they do or not. 

I've been having a lot of insightful epiphanies this week. 

Return of the Curly Fro: Coming Soon

I'm always tinkering with my hair and changing my style up. Last time, it was the blond short cut. This time I went dark, but I don't think I like it as much as the two-toned blond and brown. I do love my natural curls, though. I dig my natural hair, even if no one else does. I think I will only wear this dark color for a few more weeks and then try to get the blondie mix back. It needs a bit of contrast. I prefer my hair short, but not this short. I still need to grow a few inches so that I can adorn the curly fro with some kind of band or accessory. It'll grow. I say maybe about six months, and it'll be where I want it to be. 

The picture on the right is supposed to be the T version of "business casual." I had business slacks and boots on the bottom half. I had an old pair of lady suspenders 'round the house, and I threw them on to add a weird flair. I went to a job interview, dressed like a waiter,  just for the hell of it. 

Apparently, they were looking for waiter-esque personnel.