Where Is Your Hometown?

The subject of one's hometown may seem like a trivial question, but it pops up on just about every social media site that exists. The most popular sites ask their members to enter something for a "hometown." What is a hometown exactly, though? Is it the place you were born? What if you only lived in such a place for three years, and you remember almost nothing of it? If I had to enter my "place of birth" as my "hometown," it would be a city in the state of PA, and it would feel awkward stating it as my "home" town because the only memories that I have from it were these:

  • According to certain people, we lived by Patti Labelle.
  • I couldn't pronounce the word "three" to save my life. 
  • I had to pee really bad during a trip once.
  • My mother often struggled to comb my thick hair.

Is Your Hometown Where You Grew Up?

Many people take the stance that one's hometown is where he or she grew up or was raised. I don't believe that fits either unless the person has super-fond memories of the place and desires to state it as his or her hometown. 

Technically, we don't have any choice over where our caretakers raise us. It's not like we chose to grow up in these towns. Our caretakers may have believed that these places were wonderful places to live for whatever reason. Maybe they were and maybe they weren't, but why should we have to claim something as our "home" town that we never chose and probably would have never chosen if we did had to? Does that make sense? 

Some even deeper spin-offs of the above concept are these: Why are we expected to live in the place where we were born or raised forever? Why does society expect us to raise our children in the exact same place that we were born or raised ... forever?

What law says that we must do that? What qualifies that as "the right thing to do," and what if it was not a lovely place even though it may have "looked" lovely? And to go even deeper, what if no place in this entire country is even the same place our ancestors came from? What if they were kidnapped and transferred here against their will? Then what? Then we find that the traditions that we try so hard to force on each other are false anyway.

Is Your Hometown Where Relatives Are?

Some people believe that their hometown is where their relatives are. Why? Unless they are super-close to those relatives, there's no reason that such people have to associate themselves with the same area or even live in the same area. The fact that some people do is a tradition more than it is a "law of rightful living." It depends on how close you really are to the people with whom you share blood. That could vary from "almost inseparable" to "I don't know those people." 

Is Your Hometown Where Your Home Is?

Is our hometown where we occupy a dwelling? How about where we have a job or career? That would actually make more sense since we're calling it a HOME town. Home to me sounds like it should be a present-tense subject. It sounds like it should be where you LIVE not where you have lived.

Then there's the subject of a "home" and what one may consider a home. To me, your home is where you live your life. It's where you lay your head and where you feel comfortable in your own skin and your own situation. It's where you don't have to "try to fit in" because you just do. Others may have a narrow view of one's home as a large house with a specific number of bedrooms. At the end of the day, though, a house is just another building structure that covers your head. Am I lying?

So Where Is Your Hometown?

Well, I've always been someone who has chosen to dance to the beat of a different drum in most cases anyway. So I answer the hometown question with my current place of residence. My hometown is where I live my life every day. My birth town is where I was born. It's nothing more and nothing less. The town I grew up in was the town I grew up in. It's nothing more and nothing less. Whatever towns I lived in in the past were obviously transitional locations that I had to visit on my life journey for one reason or the other. I wouldn't even consider them as worth mentioning other than to establish that I did live there for a significant and concurrent number of years. 


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