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Sadly, This Is How Cruel Today's Youth Are

I try to make it a point not to read or watch the news, and this is exactly why. I just read the most horrendous and heart-wrenching news story in a while. It was even worse than the story about the man who murdered his girlfriend and then posted it on Facebook. What makes this story especially cruel is that it involved a lot of teenagers, and I'm sure it's not the only story like this.

These teenagers literally watched a man drown to death and would not lift a finger to call 9-1-1 or get some help.  Now, you're thinking, "Oh, they were just kids. They probably didn't know what to do," right? WRONG! They didn't hesitate because they were shell-shocked or anything. No, they hesitated because they were busy filming it, mocking the man, and laughing at him during every second of his horrific death.

They knew he was dying. They told him he was going to die, and they watched it and laughed. If they had popcorn, they would have eaten it at the site. The news story showed a picture of the man with all kinds of tattoos and such on his face. I don't know if that was supposed to make people feel less sympathy for him, but it didn't.

These teens had absolutely no sense of compassion or empathy in their souls at all. Aside from that, they were extra-cruel. It's one thing not to have the capacity to understand when someone is suffering. It's another thing to enjoy seeing someone suffer. This was some nauseating news.

This is the generation of children that are sprouting up these days, and Babylon America and its dumb-assed liberal laws and overly involved "child protective" regulations are partially to blame. These kids don't appear as if they had God in their lives or any type of discipline, boundaries, or compassionate elements instilled into them at all. Sadly, this is the way that many of the youngest generation of humans are. There's a whole slew of these unempathetic, cruel, smart-mouthed, indignant, condescending, unhelpful, and even violent kids and young adults.

Yes, they will laugh at you when you're down and watch you die, too. They don't care who you are. That's how it is in this wicked generation. And well, gee, some of that is because no kind of real parenting, correction, discipline, or biblical truths and concepts are allowed to be exercised in the home without the threat of people losing their kids. A huge portion of the Bible is about compassion and mercy. Many of these kids don't know anything about either of these things.

I don't know what the man did in his lifetime, or if he repented for it or whatever. The news story says he was disabled though, so that's another strike against the teens. The story says that no charges can be brought against them because no law in the state says that anyone has to call for assistance when he or she sees someone "in distress."

Well hell, don't you think there should be one, or at least a law that says you can't freaking stand there laughing while you film someone dying? Do we really have to suggest U.S. states implement humane common sense laws like that? Really? If that's not pure wickedness, I don't know what is. 

I pray that the man will have a place with God in the end. I can't even write down the fullness of what I think about these cruel teens right now. It's hard for me to overlook cruelty. I'm assuming that this is a true and unfabricated news story and that all the information is accurate.

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