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Dumb Stereotypes: #1

One of the most idiotic stereotypes/assumptions I've ever heard is that people who live in what others consider as "substandard" housing (mobile home, boarding house, motel, hotel, etc.) are all drug addicts and prostitutes. I will dispute these idiotic statements until the day I die because:

Your place of residence doesn't define you.Your type of residence doesn't define you.The color of your skin doesn't define you.The fact that you're underprivileged doesn't define you.

Regarding the drug epidemic:
More than 23 million people are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.Those people are of various races and economic statuses.Many rich celebrities have huge drug issues, and none of them lives in "substandard" housing.Many poor people live in "substandard" housing and don't touch neither drug nor drink. Financial problems occur for various reasons, not always drug issues.

Regarding prostitution:
Where you live has nothing to do with wheth…