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Dumb Stereotypes: #1

One of the most idiotic stereotypes/assumptions I've ever heard is that people who live in what others consider as "substandard" housing (mobile home, boarding house, motel, hotel, etc.) are all drug addicts and prostitutes. I will dispute these idiotic statements until the day I die because:

  • Your place of residence doesn't define you.
  • Your type of residence doesn't define you.
  • The color of your skin doesn't define you.
  • The fact that you're underprivileged doesn't define you.

Regarding the drug epidemic:

  • More than 23 million people are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Those people are of various races and economic statuses.
  • Many rich celebrities have huge drug issues, and none of them lives in "substandard" housing.
  • Many poor people live in "substandard" housing and don't touch neither drug nor drink. 
  • Financial problems occur for various reasons, not always drug issues.

Regarding prostitution:

  • Where you live has nothing to do with whether or not you invite various men into your boom-boom for cash.
  • A housing structure has nothing to do with whether or not you invite various men into your boom-boom for cash.
  • Your income level has nothing to do with whether or not you invite various men into your boom-boom for cash.
  • Your credit score has nothing to do with whether or not you invite various men into your boom-boom for cash.
  • The clothes you wear have nothing to do with whether or not you invite various men into your boom-boom for cash, although provocative dress could make it more difficult for you to defend yourself.
  • Prostitution is illegal in most states.
  • Prostitution is a choice that has to do with the woman and her morals, not her circumstances.
  • No one should be judged for such an activity without proof. 

Only ignorant people with an ignorant mindset assume that people live a certain way just because they live in a certain area/town/establishment. Unfortunately, the majority of people in the world have that ignorant mindset.

This system is set up so that certain people won't get very far if they don't conform to certain lifestyles, beliefs, and worldly standards anyway. That's getting worse every day now that the supremacists are in office and such. Single and separated black women have it the hardest here in America. I'm not saying that our men don't have extreme mistreatment here, but the stuff that a female has to go through is even worse.  We're constantly in a catch 22 situation because if we ask the government for help with anything of any kind, then we're labeled as the scum of the earth.

Nevermind the fact that some of us have worked for twenty-some years and we pay taxes, too. We're not allowed to have some food stamps or something like that without being placed in the scumbag bracket. All we hear is how much "they" take advantage of the system and "our" tax dollars shouldn't go to them. Um, excuse me but, I pay taxes, too. "They" pay taxes, too, and "they" should be able to get some damn assistance with the money that "they've" had to shell out to "your" government over the years.

If we try to make it on our own with a legitimate, legal job, the employers don't want to pay us enough money, the cost of living keeps going up, and the requirements for "suitable" housing continues to increase. Property owners now want you to make three times the rent knowing that you don't make that much because you're by yourself and your legal, legitimate job doesn't pay enough.

We end up stuck in "substandard" housing and then judged as horrible parents and/or addicts and prostitutes because of it. What the hell?

If we partner up with a male who isn't our husband, even if we don't have any physical relationship with him whatsoever, then we're automatically assumed to be sleeping with him. It's also assumed that such a man is paying our rent, even though that could be far from the truth. We could actually be paying all the bills while some lame-o does nothing, but the same stereotype will still fall on us.

Oh, by the way, we're also prostitutes even if we don't partner up with a man, or even worse, we're labeled as either black lesbians or "evil black women" who hate men. If we believe in God, we're crazy. If we don't believe in God, we're wicked.

You see, the world has our story written for us already, and the system is set up to keep us from getting out of situations that make it easy for people to make dumb assumptions about us. I stopped trying to defend myself years ago. At the end of the day, all that matters is that the Most High God sees and knows what I do. If man wants to make up stuff, that's his problem. It's still quite annoying to hear people say stupid stuff, though. 

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