Guilty by Association: Plight of the Hebrew Israelite Family

Last night was the first time that I truly shed tears for someone other than myself and my children. I had watched a video and read a story about a beautiful family of Hebrew Israelites that had been harassed, terrorized, falsely accused, and lumped together with some militant groups. Clearly, this family was not associated with any terrorist group, but society didn't care. Society said that since this family wanted to follow the Bible, eat organic foods, make their own clothes, and homeschool their children, they were abusive and neglectful parents. Meanwhile, we have people in America who are currently beating their kids within inches of their lives, violating their bodies, selling them to pimps, and all kinds of twisted stuff.

More on the Story

The long and short of the story is that the problem originated with a family member. Unfortunately, we are sometimes so wicked and hateful to each other that we involve our enemies in business that's supposed to be between ourselves and our family members. When that happens, it does nothing but fuel the enemy's fire and make targets out of us for negative media misrepresentation and so forth. It never solves the problem. In fact, sometimes it makes the original problem unsolvable altogether.

So the problem started with a teenager who was acting up and didn't appreciate parental correction or protection. The problem ended with a beautiful family being torn apart by Maryland and New Jersey authorities, CPS, and other such corrupt organizations. These parents ended up being convicted of about 45 different crimes between the two of them, and not one of them was true. You can hear them tell their story here.

They even had busloads of videos and pictures to support that their children were happy, healthy, well educated, and developmentally sound, but it didn't matter. If society wants to paint you as a child abuser, then they're going to paint you as a child abuser, and they will tell bold-faced lies to do so because they have no problem with lying. None whatsoever.

The Hebrew Israelites

First, let me say that there are a lot of people who call themselves "Hebrew Israelites." The members of our community who take on these labels are not all militant and hateful menaces to society. The problem is that there are so many so-called camps of so-called Black Hebrew Israelites that go out there spewing hatred and death talk in public. They make hateful YouTube videos that are extremely popular. There are so many of them who allegedly hate white people but despise black women so much that they spread the false doctrine that it's okay to get with women of other nations. Umm, naw, bros. That is not true at all.

Those groups of half-assed supremecists do not represent ALL Hebrew Israeiltes, but whenever black people act up, we always seem to get lumped together no matter what. No one locks up all the white Christians because of the crimes that the KKK committed, but they are quick to lock up Hebrew Israelites for things that aren't even crimes. Militant talk isn't actually a crime unless you specifically threaten to harm someone. Stating that the Lord will deal with certain people, which is 100 percent true, is not a crime. It's a fact of prophecy. The Lord is going to deal with every last person who harmed the children of Israel. Locking them up us isn't going to change the prophecy. 

The Real Hebrew Israelites

The real Hebrew Israelites are just people who love the God of Israel and Yahshua, or who most Americans refer to as Jesus. I'm not going to get into histrocial matters right now, but yes, we do believe that we are descendents of the children of Israel and thus have an obligation to follow the commandments. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Our spirits testify to us as to who we are.

We are not "religious" persons. We don't follow a system of worldly religion such as Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. We follow our God's Word. His word tells us to "be ye separate" and not to involve ourselves with the wickedness that is going on around us. His word tells us not to intermarry. His word tells us not to cross dress or be lesbians and homosexuals. His word tells us not to eat pork, not to lie, not to steal, etc.

When we enter into a new covenant with him, we denounce and renounce such things. That's the deal. We've all sinned in the past, but this is about our current lifestyle and how we need to live it to be pleasing to our God. He is the number one entity in our lives. We follow what His word says and not what men say.

The Word tells us to honor the Sabbath day, which is today. We are not to work today, but we can do activities that would be considered healing or helping somoene. It's lawful to do well on the Sabbath. Therefore, we can teach the Word or scribe things that are relevant to the Word.

The Word tells us to celebrate the Passover and other holy feasts that our God ordained, not Christmas, Easter, and all of those Pagan holidays. We are not Pagans, so we have no business celebrating Pagan holidays. Unfortunately, when we choose not to participate in things like that, we get labeled as "child abusers." And oh my goodness, if we ever have the audacity to discipline our own unruly children like the Word says that we are to do, then the enemy plots to take our children away.

The Maryland Family

This beautiful, beautiful Maryland family was actually living their lives exactly as the Most High tells us to live them. They are a perfect example of how the children of Israel are supposed to conduct themselves even in this land of captivity. They made the choice to be different in a world that really hates God and all His children. The result of that was false allegations, false imprisonment, family separation and the like.

The Tears Rolled Down

I cried mostly for the mother because I know what it feels like to be accussed of harming a little person that you carried in your womb, loved dearly, and tried to protect. I know what it's like to be separated from your kids and then not be able to recognize them anymore later because they don't even sound like the same people.

These parents didn't want their children vaccinated for various reasons. The state was hell bent on vaccinating them anyway. They didn't want their children eating swine and other disgustingly unlawful foods. They were vegans, but apparently, being a vegan is a form of child abuse in the U.S.

This Family Is Blessed

I saw this story, and I did cry, but I also smiled a few times. I smiled because their story is prophesied in the Bible. Just the fact that these people are going through this current persecution is proof of who they are and where they are headed if they endure until the end. It looks grim at first glance, but it's not going to stay that way. Their family may be restored, and it may not be, but the Most High God will take care of those who love Him and keep His commandments. That's a promise. Remembering that even in times of tribulation is part of keeping the faith of Mashiach.

I wanted to share this story and to ask anyone out there who can support this family to donate to their cause. They'll need a lot of support. I don't know them from a can of paint, but I was compelled to speak out about this. Many of our families are going through similar things, especially the traditional ones who are trying to live righteously. To our people who are still into Christianity: Maybe start taking the funds that you would normally give to that big ole Sunday church abomination and start giving them to our people who are being persecuted like this? Just a thought.


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