Timiarah Is... Still Working on the Monte Carlo

I'm still writing on Patreon, still loving the Heavenly Father, and still doing okay. I've been doing a head gasket job for the past two months. Why two months? Well, because I had to wait to earn funds to order parts. If your main job has to do with creative works of any kind, I'm sure you're familiar with the term "starving artist."  I'm a freelance writer. Enough said.

I had to wait for my parts to get delivered via an imperfect mail system, then I had to find a time when I wasn't busy with work or holiness duties. You get the picture. Aside from that, I'm never too enthused about putting any mechanical device back together. I enjoy taking them apart only and always drag my feet on the reassembly. I'm estimating that I'll be finished with it in about two weeks if I can do a little bit of it every day. Then I can do a drum roll and see if it actually starts. Even if it doesn't start, it was still a pretty cool once-in-a-lifetime experience. You just don't get to attempt to replace a head gasket every day. 


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