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Timiarah vs.Heart Throbs: Round 2

Okay, so after I realized that my car needed an engine overhaul of sorts, I got the idea that I would buy some skates for fitness and for getting around town. I knew it'd be a while before I would have the time to do all this auto work, and I wanted a cheap and fun way to get my toning exercise and my alternative traveling apparatus all in one shot. After two failed attempts to buy correctly sized skates on Amazon and eBay, I finally got these for $18:

Oh, they're in wooooonderful condition, but they're from hell. They're called Pacer Heart Throb skates, but don't let the tender name fool you. These skates will kick your behind. They threw me off three times about two weeks ago, and that was the last time I got on them because I hurt my hand. Now I'm ready to go back out there with them, but I have to wait until the sun comes up, of course. I'm going to try to video tape myself because it's a guaranteed fall. It's kind of hard to explain what they do. They kind of have a mind of their own. They just start speeding for no reason at all and dart forward at an extremely inopportune time. Next thing you know, I'm on my back looking  at the clouds. They are pretty fast, but they're untamed. I guess that's the best way to put it. I had never fallen off of skates in my life until I got these. The falls were kind of funny, though, and fun. They made me want to master these things even more.

So, yeah, it's not quite 5:00 a.m. I'm going to do my prayers and then get suited up to go out there. 

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