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Still Alive and Feeling...

Not that great. The first half of Shabbat (Friday night) was really good because I was watching teachers and testimonies.  I have been making my own videos too, but I'm not a teacher. I guess I'd be more of the counseling type if I had to pick a label, but in no way do I claim to know every last tidbit of Scripture. There's so much information there in the Bible, and there's so much information that didn't even make it to our Bibles. I am still learning just like everyone else is.

I felt okay Friday except my legs were still a little swollen. They went down most of the way, but then the swelling moved to my abdomen. I looked like I was three months pregnant Friday night, but the abdominal swelling went down when I woke up.

Saturday, I didn't get much studying done because I was tired. I kept trying to get up to study and such, but then I would fall back to sleep. It was over before I knew it, and then it was time for me to work again, but what work? I'm st…

Monte Carlo Repairs: Hot Mess Explained

This  Monte Carlo probably looks like pure chaos to you right now, but I'm actually almost done with it. If it wasn't for me breaking the fuel pressure regulator vacuum hose and MAP sensor and making a plugging error, I might have been done today. 

Okay, so let's start with the electrical components and all those little plugs you have to plug up to different things. I had a false sense of security about those because I heard a mechanic say that you could NOT get that part wrong because all the connectors on the wiring harness are all different sizes. Well... he was wrong. You can get it wrong, and I did. It was the one plug that was hell to take back out. You see, there's a plug that goes right under the power steering pump that needs to be plugged back in BEFORE you put the fuel rail and upper and lower manifolds back on. Why? Well, because you cannot get the power steering pump out once you put all the stuff on it. The fuel rail actually locks it into place, so if you…

A False Sense of Okay

I took that hot bath and drank some tea with honey, and ate some oatmeal. Ate some tuna fish, which always makes me feel better almost instantly from any issue with fatigue or something like that. I don't know why.

I did a little bit of writing work while I was lying  sort of propped up and my breathing eventually returned to normal. Watched some old "Guiding Light" episodes, and then I thought I should clean my room because it just looked a mess. I got a false sense of being okay, and I overdid it. I tried to read one Chapter of Isaiah aloud when I was done sweeping the floor and wiping down some things. I couldn't do it. I was completely out of breath. Then, of course, I got upset because I knew that wasn't normal... so I made my heart rate go up from being nervous, and that made my breathing a little bit worse.

I'm propped up on pillows again. The more I research my own symptoms, the more it looks like CHF, you know, congestive heart failure. Those who are d…

Feeling Like This Person

Have you ever been so sick that you just wanted to lie down wherever you were and just stay there? You know, and you didn't even care if anyone saw you, walked over you, stepped on you, or whatever? All you wanted was a blanky and maybe a binky, too? That was me today. I can always tell when I'm really sick because a.) I cry for no reason and b.) I just want to lie down... wherever. 
The swelling in my legs/ankles/thighs/feet only went down a little bit from last night, not all the way. My socks were still able to make some pretty funky indentations after only being on my legs for a few minutes. I didn't want to walk, but I didn't really have a choice unless I wanted to pay Uber. I made a ghetto cane and walked with that, but I knew I was doing too much within minutes. I started crying, looking at the sky, and thinking that I would love to just be swept up into it real quick and not even have to take the rest of this walk. I rested on a couple light poles along the way.…

Sort of Scared

I'm writing at 1 a.m because I'm just a little bit nervous. Not nervous about dying, but nervous about feeling pain whilst I'm dying. I'm not saying that I am dying, but whatever is going on with me right now doesn't look like it has too many "good' causes.

I have been so busy trying to bust my behind doing my extremely low paying work just to keep paying for this expensive place that I live right now. I've been doing it for two years, but you know ... I am so, so, so, so tired. I've been trying to fight the good fight, though: living right, trying to straighten out my financial profile so that I can actually qualify to get into an AFFORDABLE place, etc. but well, it has all been a really tough uphill battle. I'm honestly just really tired.

One of the companies that I work with gave me a "present" for the holidays that I don't celebrate. It was a demotion that will make it nearly impossible for me to pay bills without hurting myself…

Starting to Look Like a Car Again

I went outside and did a few more things today like tightening up the power steering pump pulley, putting the belt back on, putting the plenum back on, putting the airbox back on, and so forth. I lost a screw in a little cubby that was almost impossible to get out. I eventually did it with my tiny fingers, but it took a lot of patience to do so. Patience: Now that's something that I did not use to have a lot of. This whole head gasket job has required me to have a lot of patience. 
I made sure that all the pulleys turned freely before I put the belt back on. Wouldn't want any weird surprises when I crank it. 
There's still a lot to do like plugging up all the electrical components, reconnecting hoses and so on. Lots of screws that I need to put back where they belong, lol. I know, I know. Remember, I have no rhyme or reason when I do this. I do watch other people, but I still end up doing things a little bit differently. 
I still have to put some cables, sensors, and coil pac…

Another Step Closer

Spent about two hours on this today. It's funny how I always think something is going to go smoothly and then an unforeseen issue arises. I got stuck with the fuel injectors for a good half hour just trying to get the three caps back on that came off when I pulled the rail. I'm not sure how to explain it other than to say that they kept going on sideways, and I needed them to go on straight. I had to struggle with them and remember not to get frustrated with them, hammer them, and break them. Lol. I am not the most gentle person with hammers or wrenches as you can see by my over-torquing incident yesterday. That's not the first thing I broke for not being gentle enough. 
I put my new bypass pipe on today, too. I had to replace the old one because I broke the bleeder screw many moons ago. See. That didn't really help my overheating issues as some of them occurred because I couldn't really bleed the system properly. I did okay using the other bleeder screw and some …

Monte Carlo Repair No-Nos

Timiarah Camburn learned a lesson about over torquing things today: DON'T DO IT! 
So yeah, to make a long story short, my torque wrench is an inch-pounds model and the specs instructed me to tighten in foot-pounds. We'll just go ahead and say that I fouled up my "conversion" and ended up over torquing the left upper valve cover bolt until it basically broke. While this isn't a dire emergency, it can and most likely will cause a little bit of an oil leak. Replacing it or fixing it costs money and time. I  may just try to slap some silicone (or something) over it or under it or both. That may stop it from leaking, but I won't know until the car is back on. 
So that was lesson number one. Lesson number two was that I should have waited to put that middle piece of exhaust back on until I reinstalled  the thermostat. I remember being outside all day long trying to change out my thermostat last year some time. Not too many tools can fit in between the bottom thermo…

Putting Monte Carlo Back Together: Week Two

I didn't have much time to work on this car today. Unfortunately, paid work must take precedence over unpaid work. That's why old girl has been sitting for two months. My time is very, very limited, especially now with my living expenses going up because of a "holiday" season that has nothing to do with me. 
I got done my work at about 4 p.m. I thought I would be able to get the exhaust manifold back on before it got dark (5:30-ish), but I didn't get that far. I had to reluctantly shut the operation down because of the chill factor. It was hand-freezing cold here in Hardeeville, South Carolina. I can honestly say that the warmth is the one thing that I do miss about Florida. It never got cold enough to require gloves there. Here... I actually need winter gloves if I'm going to try to work on my car from now on. What a difference two states make. I don't remember last year being this fiercely cold, but this year, it is.
Speaking of Hardeeville, apparently, i…

What to Do When Someone Calls You Ugly

Written by Timiarah Camburn. 

A few days ago, I read the story of someone who had literally let another person's comments about her looks tear her apart. This person was an ex that she had dated at one point in time. He contacted her on Facebook and called her ugly for no good reason. Apparently, he had a fetish for ugly people, was ashamed of it, and felt like telling her years after they broke up. Why else would someone call another person ugly after dating them? Silly, right?

Well, this poor girl took it to heart. She said she felt like crap and didn't even want to go outside or be around other people anymore because a mean-spirited ex said that to her. That story, which you can read here, and a recent incident in which someone randomly called me ugly, compelled me to say some words on the matter from a biblical and personal angle. This is for anyone who has had that happen to them at any time in his or her life.

Tell Them to Look Elsewhere As my grandfather used to say, &q…