I "Won" a Prize!


"Timiarah Camburn, you won second place prize for Publishers Clearing House." Those were the sweet, sweet sounds that I heard in my ear on the phone today, only they didn't actually sound sweet, and the caller didn't actually know or use my name. 

I had to take a minute to share this story because it was super funny, although I do wonder how the caller got my number. This person called me on a phone number that I do not post to the public. Had he called me on the other number, I might have fallen for the scam, but not really, 'cause you still have to have a name. 

You can't call someone up and announce that they won a prize without even stating their name and making sure you're talking to "the winner." Who... won a prize? Who... entered your contest? Who... are you talking to? 


That was an example of poor scamming. I'm not sure how these types of things work, but I suppose if I would have continued the conversation, the scammer would have asked for some personal information and some type of payment to "secure my prize" or some such. There's a lot of fake Publishers Clearing House scams out there. They're almost as bad as the real Publishers Clearing House, who spams you to death and then never shows up at your residence with that gigantic check! 

I'm still waiting for PCH to show up in Hardeeville with my money they promised me. Where's my thousand dollars every day for the rest of my life, Publishers Clearing House? Where? I had dreams and goals for that loot!

Seriously though, watch out what kind of information you give over the phone, especially if the caller's number is "unknown" or "private." Anybody can buy a list that has your phone number on it. They may even know your name, but you need to verify the crap out of them before you answer any personal questions.  Organization name, phone number, employee ID #. If you can't get any of that, and they fumble around when you ask them who the heck they're calling for... click 'em.  FTC 'em if it's something serious. Stuff like that actually isn't funny. There are a lot of struggling people in the world who don't take kindly to fake calls like this.  


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