An Offer You Couldn't Refuse

You didn't do anything wrong. You didn't harm anyone or try to offend anyone, yet you offended many people, and you continue to offend every new day of your life.

You didn't commit a new crime or try to destroy another person. All you did was respond to a heart-tug invitation that you received... to your own wedding.

The love of your life gave you an offer that you couldn't refuse, and you took Him up on it. He promised to love you, cherish you, and be with you for eternity if you'd just endure 'til the end. You said, "I do," and the two of you exchanged something whether you realized it at first or not. You gave something, and you received something. Then life changed.

The whole meaning of life changed. Your goals in life changed. Your desires, your thoughts, your actions, your conversations... all... changed.

You started living to please your new heavenly husband. You started seeing and knowing the Torah in your heart more clearly, and your words and actions started to reflect that naturally.

The changes in you were not and still are not met with kind words and friendly faces. In fact, you lost a lot of so-called friends and loved ones. You still have a difficult time making new friendships stick, especially once people realize that you aren't putting on a hypocrisy show or playing a little game. People who try to "unmask" you these days... well, they find that the same you exists under the mask that they saw over the mask, and some of them react to that with rage. Most of them bail because they don't want to deal with your new husband.

You find yourself at the butt end of cruel jokes a lot. People test you and try you all the time. Some folks sling mud from your past at you and try to annul your new marriage that way. Ah, but your heavenly husband already watched you live out every bit of your past, and He chose to forget about it and marry you anyway. There will be no annulments.

The world of people who think like you and feel like you seems super-scarce sometimes. There's no denying that being in this world but not of this world does seem lonely at times. These are perhaps some of the rare times when the internet is a blessing. You find like-minded individuals within seconds. BAM! There they are, and they have the same husband that you have. 

You can listen to their stories of awakening and compare notes. You can smile as they open their homes to you and introduce you to their beautiful families. You can hear how much they love your common husband, which is so refreshing in a world that generally hates Him.

You can study and fellowship with these folks in a weird long-distance sort of way. That doesn't fix everything or replace local face-to-face communication, but it does make living in this wicked world a little more tolerable. 


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