Monte Carlo Repair No-Nos

2005 Monte Carlo
Timiarah Camburn's Monte Carlo 2
Timiarah Camburn learned a lesson about over torquing things today: DON'T DO IT! 

So yeah, to make a long story short, my torque wrench is an inch-pounds model and the specs instructed me to tighten in foot-pounds. We'll just go ahead and say that I fouled up my "conversion" and ended up over torquing the left upper valve cover bolt until it basically broke. While this isn't a dire emergency, it can and most likely will cause a little bit of an oil leak. Replacing it or fixing it costs money and time. I  may just try to slap some silicone (or something) over it or under it or both. That may stop it from leaking, but I won't know until the car is back on. 

So that was lesson number one. Lesson number two was that I should have waited to put that middle piece of exhaust back on until I reinstalled  the thermostat. I remember being outside all day long trying to change out my thermostat last year some time. Not too many tools can fit in between the bottom thermostat housing bolt and the exhaust pipe. You cant tighten it or loosen it very well with that in the way. I ended up spending all day on a silly thermostat because I refused to take anything off except the thermostat components. I eventually got it done, but it was a nightmare, and I had to do a lot of unnecessary acrobatics. 

Today was the same. I remembered that the thermostat was a nightmare, but I didn't remember why it was a nightmare. Todays' work refreshed my memory. I had trouble getting the thermostat housing bolt tight because the exhaust was in the way. I was being stubborn again and not wanting to take it off now that it's on.

I had to call it a day. I'll get the tool that I need tomorrow and get it on tight. Then I'll clean the fuel injectors off and get the fuel rail back on there. Maybe a little bit more. Hopefully, this will be my last week of tinkering with this thing.

Dear Chevrolet,

I sure do love your cars and have loved them all my life, but I just don't understand your manufacturing logic. Some things seemed impossible to do, and some things just seemed like a cruel joke on anyone attempting to DIY. Thank you.


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