Monte Carlo Repairs: Hot Mess Explained

Timiarah Camburn Monte Carlo 4

This  Monte Carlo probably looks like pure chaos to you right now, but I'm actually almost done with it. If it wasn't for me breaking the fuel pressure regulator vacuum hose and MAP sensor and making a plugging error, I might have been done today. 

Okay, so let's start with the electrical components and all those little plugs you have to plug up to different things. I had a false sense of security about those because I heard a mechanic say that you could NOT get that part wrong because all the connectors on the wiring harness are all different sizes. Well... he was wrong. You can get it wrong, and I did. It was the one plug that was hell to take back out. You see, there's a plug that goes right under the power steering pump that needs to be plugged back in BEFORE you put the fuel rail and upper and lower manifolds back on. Why? Well, because you cannot get the power steering pump out once you put all the stuff on it. The fuel rail actually locks it into place, so if you want to take it out, you need to remove the rail.

The WRONG plug actually fit in the hole, and I didn't realize that I had done that until today when I realized that my wires would not stretch to connect to the stuff the on the right side of the motor. It was a big deal because I knew I would have to either do ladyfinger acrobatics or remove the plenum, fuel rail, and everything that goes with them. Not all 3.4 GM motor cars are the same. I saw two other mechanics' cars, and their setups were different from mine. One of them had easy access to take his power steering pump off. He did not have a Monte Carlo. 

Sometimes, I amaze myself with the crazy stuff that I do with this car in impossible situations. I did get the plug out. Once I did that and moved the wiring harness, everything started falling into place. What's going to be a pain is getting the right plug under the power steering pump in a similar manner that I took the other one out.

I will have to do more ladyfinger acrobatics. It was crazy. I had to get in there with a flathead screwdriver and literally put my eyeball in the cubby to see what I was doing. I don't even think I can describe what I did in English because it was so crazy. I still had to take all the bolts off the power steering pump and remove the Serpentine belt just to be able to give myself enough wiggle room to get a hand and an eyeball in there. Craaazy!

Then I broke my MAP sensor and the fuel pressure regulator stuff. That's just perfect. The fuel stuff is definitely what you DON'T want to break. I put tape on it, but that's not going to fly. I have to replace it. I don't know what happened. The thing just snapped in half. I also dropped the new EGR gasket into the abyss or some such. I couldn't find it once I dropped it, so I had to re-use the old one. 

Meh, just ignore all the missing screws and hoses and such. I know where they go. I  just had to take stuff off just to get to that dang plug. I'm also going to have to get some electrical tape for the wiring harness. The wiring harness is brittle and dry. It falls apart in my hands like crackers. I don't know what to do other than getting some electrical tape and taping it up. 

I made a lot of boo-boos today, but the good news is that I didn't lose my breath. I didn't feel much pain while I was doing this either. Endorphins have a way making us feel okay when we're moving around. My calves are sore, and my legs are still swollen. The right one is a little more swollen than the left is today. My breathing is okay for right now, though. Shortness of breath is the scariest symptom, so I cherish the time when I don't have it. 

I guess I can say today was a good day. I'll be done Sunday if the Father lets me stay here 'til then. I'm not sure about it starting back up and running until I get that stuff for the sensor, though.  


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