None of the Above

When I was into Christianity, people called me a fake and a hypocrite, threw my past up in my face, and refused to believe that I truly wanted to fly right and honor my Creator. Now that I'm not into Christianity, and I'm more aligned with the actual truth, people keep calling me a Christian, lol. I can't win for losing, can I?

I am not a Christian. Yes, at one time, I did consider myself a Christian. Yes, I did write faith-based articles, and I still write faith-based articles. I will write a faith-based article any day of the week, as long as it matches Scripture. If you see my work on a "Christian" site, that's because I gave it to them or sold it to them, but don't assume that I did so today. Even if I did, it doesn't mean that I subscribe to the system of Christianity. I don't. However, I will still play part in writing about anything faith-based that's true. 

Yes, my repentance is/was still real. Me not being a "Christian" doesn't take from my experience in the least. Yes, I believe in the Messiah and the Father. Yes, I am still living the same exact way that I was living when I considered myself a "Christian." The difference is that I now honor the Sabbath, the seventh day, (a.k.a Saturday), which was and still is a perpetual covenant that the Father made with our ancestors. It's the fourth commandment, and "Jesus" never eliminated the necessity for us to honor it. Never.

Another difference is that I do not get into the Pagan holiday celebrations. Christianity is not really a pure faith. It's a mixture of Paganism, the Mosaic Law (only when it suits them, like "tithing" time), and the exaltation and worship of Paul and some stringy-haired guy who is not our Savior and looks nothing like the person that the Bible actually depicts. 

Judaism isn't much better because it's a mixture of the Mosaic Law, a bunch of wild additional man-made laws, and most of the time, no Savior at all. Whoa, no Savior? I definitely don't subscribe to that. 

Oh, yeah, and let's not leave out the people who keep calling me a Muslim when I mention that I don't eat pork, shrimp, lobster, rabbit, and so forth. I am not a Muslim either, and actually, the no-pork customs came from the Levitical laws.  It's not a "Muslim thing." It's an Israelite thing. 

I'm not a Christian or a "Jew" in terms of following Judaism. Yes, I do keep the holy days such as the Passover, but that doesn't mean that I'm a modern Jew who follows the Talmud and such.

I am a child of Yahuah. I don't participate in any of the man-made religions because they are all man-made religions. My religion is "none of the above." My faith is in the Most High, whose formal name is Yahuah, and his son, Yahusha. There's a war going on about whether it's actually Yahusha, YahSHUA, or YahuSHUA, but you know what? Two different spellings of the name were found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. How 'bout that? So two of the above names are right. Therefore, I don't tit for tat over Yahusha or Yahshua/Yahushua but I do know that neither the Father's nor the Son's name starts with the letter J. 

Thank you very much, and have a great day.


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