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Starting to Look Like a Car Again

2005 Monte Carlo
Timiarah's Monte Carlo 3
I went outside and did a few more things today like tightening up the power steering pump pulley, putting the belt back on, putting the plenum back on, putting the airbox back on, and so forth. I lost a screw in a little cubby that was almost impossible to get out. I eventually did it with my tiny fingers, but it took a lot of patience to do so. Patience: Now that's something that I did not use to have a lot of. This whole head gasket job has required me to have a lot of patience. 

I made sure that all the pulleys turned freely before I put the belt back on. Wouldn't want any weird surprises when I crank it. 

There's still a lot to do like plugging up all the electrical components, reconnecting hoses and so on. Lots of screws that I need to put back where they belong, lol. I know, I know. Remember, I have no rhyme or reason when I do this. I do watch other people, but I still end up doing things a little bit differently. 

I still have to put some cables, sensors, and coil pack back on, but it's starting to sort of look like an engine again. I'm trying to get done before my front tires go flat completely. 

I didn't get to work until dark because it just got too darn cold outside. My hands were freezing by 4 p.m. I want to be done with this soon so that I can turn that key and see if the old girl has a pulse. What I do with the car depends on the response I get when I turn the key.

On the faith front, I'm still going to be posting my videos. I wasn't ready to stick with it before because I was still letting folk shame me to stifle me. I couldn't speak out effectively while I was still carrying shame or allowing other people to shame me with expired events. 

This time, I started with a little intro, and I'm going to continue with whatever the Most High puts on my heart to speak about. I'll continue despite the little bit of copycatting and subtle e-threats that I already heard, lol. I have a job to do here, and seeing that the worst has already been done to me... I don't have much to fear at this point. Only Yahuah. Only Yahuah.

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