Subway Angst

Timiarah Camburn thinks Subway is greeezy. Greeezy is a term that means...

This is going to be a short one. My day was very complicated. First, I realized how much I actually abhor drama and wouldn't dream of having it in my life again. I mean, don't get me wrong. I do like to witness a little public entertainment from time to time. I just don't want to be part of such entertainment. I don't want to be one of the main characters in a drama anymore. I am too old for that. Too old to deal with grown folk trying to play kiddie games and so forth. Despite popular opinion, I never liked that kind of stuff. I like mostly peace and quiet with just a dab of action.

I got up early today and worked early.
Decided to walk to Subway for a sub after I worked. I ended up labeling that particular location as greeezy after I left. That's a new term that I started using to describe businesses that do slimy, extremely unempathetic, or monetarily wicked stuff. Greeezy would be like the business-related version of "ratchet" if it was in the urban dictionary. It's like trifling, scuzzy, scumbag-ish, sleazy, etc. Greeezy can apply to people too, though. Ratchet can not apply to businesses. You have to spell greeezy with three Es so you won't forget to extend that E sound. Greeezy. The title lender was the first business that I ever called greeezy. That was bad.

I'm not going to go deep into what that particular Subway did. I'll wait until my review comes out, if it comes out, and then I'll link to it. For the most part, they did not honor a coupon from the corporate office. That is one of the greeeziest things a business can do. Um, you're supposed to be representing the brand, but you reject a coupon that corporate gave to a customer? If I was still using profanity, I'd have probably said what the {something that sounds like duck} about that. Since I can't cuss without going through extreme soul pain, I can only react using one of these three options:

  1. Stand there with tight lips and muted mouth
  2. Make up an extremely corny replacement cuss term (like fudge you)
  3. Try to bless them

Two and three just don't work. I took option 1. I was so mad I couldn't even get any words out to respond to their "Have a nice day."

The good part is that I'm not alone in my coupon denial angst. Many an angry customer has blasted a Subway franchise for not honoring the coupons. They were as POd as I was, some of them more. I always like to know that I'm not just some lone food-crazy weirdo and that what the business did was actually disturbing to other patrons.

Yeah, it's just greeezy. It's one of the greeeziest things you can do as a business, and it is so greeezy that it does make customers not come back. Fortunately, I really like the other one that's in my town, so I don't have to stop enjoying the tuna subs. However, my review went in hard on the other location. Just terrible.


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