Timiarah and Six Mechanics Go At It

Timiarah Camburn is almost finished reassembling the Monte Carlo. That's actually a true story. We got this far today:

And today is the first day that I can officially use the term "we" because it literally started raining mechanics out there. No lie, about six males helped today. They just came from nowhere and started helping, and I can't say that I didn't need their help this time.

You see, the exhaust system is pure hell. I remember it was hell getting it off, but it was much worse when I tried to put it back on. I can't even explain the torturous left-side motor mount and how I had to bang the crap out of it with a hammer to get it to go back into its place after I put the exhaust shield back on. OMG. I did get that on by myself eventually, but then that back exhaust stumped the entire operation. It took four guys to do that task... literally:

Okay, it was no joke. I didn't have the strength by myself. Me and one man couldn't do it. Well, eventually, four to six men showed up, and it got done.

It's hard to explain it, but part of it was the way I took it apart. I took as little off as possible, but by me doing that, it was very hard for them to get the back manifold up against the head. Afterwards, they were like, "You shoulda woulda coulda..." They kind of complained that I should have taken the rest of the pipe apart but... bah.

Some folks didn't like the way I did my thermostat a few months ago either because, again, I left the side exhaust manifold on there and worked around it.  It took longer, but I didn't want to take a bunch of stuff off.

I will say that a lot of them did give me credits or props or whatever for all that I did do. They did say that I knew what I was doing and seemed confident in it. You know, it was like they enjoyed having the opportunity to "be men" and help a girl, but at the same time, they didn't try to take anything from me or steal my joy, and they fully recognized my work. I can deal with guys like that. I really appreciated their help. It was fun. It was like a community project. I don't think I've met as many people the whole two years I've been here as I met today. I met a woman, too, but all I can say is that I tried to give her some advisory words as someone who had been through similar things.

So after the rear exhaust got put on, I was so freaking exhausted. I tried to keep on going. I want to get done so bad so that I can try to crank it. I didn't have any more energy after I put the bolts on the shield, though. It was just a wrap for me.

Tomorrow I'll be putting the intake manifold and its gasket on and putting a whole bunch of other stuff back on. I must have some sleep at this time. 


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