Better Day

I made it through the migraine. I finally did get to sleep last night, and it was gone when I woke up. Today the problem is mostly in my upper back and chest. My back is sort of sore, and my chest is a little tight, but not unbearably so. The soreness could be from the weird way that I slept. The tightness is surely illness related. 

I took a walk across the street to get more water, and that put a lot of strain on me. I'm definitely not okay. I prayed this morning to "call in my healing." We're healed by the stripes of Yahusha, right? So... I called in my healing. I asked for its delivery. I'm hoping that anyone else out there who is a man or woman of faith will pray for me, as well.  

I still have pitting edema, but the swelling in my legs and ankles is lower than it was yesterday. Every day is like a trade-off. One painful symptom swaps out for another, but it never completely goes away. 

I don't know if I'm so sick because I'm low on protein or sick because of the waste that my little beanos can't filter out of my blood. I'm not nauseous at the moment, though. I'm eating. I'm trying to eat smart, you know, in a way that replenishes the things that I'm losing but doesn't cause a build-up of waste. It's kind of a numbers game with lots of trial and error. I sure like grapes and pretzels

Yeah, I should probably be in a hospital, but who wants to rack up a $17,000,000 bill? I can make my room sort of like a hospital room. The problem is that I have to get my own stuff. I need nurses to bring me food, check my blood pressure, heart, etc. I can bathe myself right now, although it's kind of challenging getting in when I have the swelling in my legs. Yesterday, I was ouch-ouch-ouching all the way into the tub. 

Other than that, I'm comfortable where I'm at.

I will get to the testing center next week to get those heart tests if the good Father keeps me here until then. Right now, I'm going to try to get some work done while my head isn't hurting. I have no choice. 

I'd say today was an okay day. It's always a pleasure not to have a mondo migraine. I need a good 80s movie to watch in between projects. 

Mondo Migraine

I'm not going to intentionally share this post. If someone finds it and reads it, it's okay, but I'm not going to hit a share button. I have a headache right now that is so crushing that I can't even "sleep it off." I can't take ibuprofen because it can mess up my kidneys even worse, and the 500 mg of Tylenol didn't work. I don't want to take anymore and make myself sicker with that. I am literally about to throw up. I'm looking forward to it because it might just make me feel better. 

Today was not a good day as far as my physical health goes. I've been sick all day, tired, swollen, nauseous, and fighting a headache. Well, I sat down and tried to write some articles at about two or three, and when I got up from sitting, which wasn't very long, the bottom half of my body was completely swollen. No ankles whatsoever. 

This headache has taken over, and I noticed that my pee has even more foam/bubbles in it than usual, which means bye-bye important proteins. Whatever's in my urine is obviously not in my blood where it should be.

I am in so much pain right now. I still can't believe that this is happening. It just kind of swept in and started attacking me. I'm trying so hard to keep going, working, fighting, praying, "thinking positively"... but it just hurts so bad sometimes. 

Sometimes when I am in this much pain, crying feels good. But then I always feel like I have to hide my tears for fear of being accused of being depressed.

No, I'm not depressed, but I am in extreme pain. This freaking hurts, and I should be allowed to exhibit a normal response to pain without feeling... what's a good term?... analyzed, lol.  

This here is a mondo migraine, folks. I get them more frequently these days. I wouldn't wish one of these on my worst enemy. For some reason, writing gives me a little bit of relief. Meh, probably because it forces me to focus on the mechanics of typing instead of focusing on the pain. 


Strange Day

I got hit on by a man-lady who told me I was attractive for a 50-year-old. Ouch. Usually, people underestimate my age. Wow, I guess I haven't been looking very youthful in my ill state. I felt like crap this morning, and I guess it's starting to show on the outside. Um, what's up with the lesbianic advances, though? I'm not into chicks, even if they make themselves look like little boys. Lol, I don't swing that way. In fact, I don't swing any way. I take lots of pride in my continuing celibacy, but not too much pride as to become arrogant. That would be sinful. 

All I need right now are some caring people in my life. You know, some genuinely caring people who aren't trying to get something from me... who aren't trying to hurt me in any way. I am too sick to even make it all the way to the store sometimes, so a relationship won't be happening anytime soon. Besides, I don't think kidney failures and possible cardiac issues are on the "hot" list of what men are looking for in a gal these days, lol. 

Many men are runners, which means that they disappear when you need help and come back only after you straighten your situation out. I vehemently dislike men who are uncaring and run away when a woman in their life needs help. That means daddies, boyfriends, husbands, brothers, uncles...whoever. It's a horrible quality, especially since men are technically supposed to be the supporters and leaders. I dealt with runners in the past, and I won't deal with any more. Who needs someone like that? I always say you can do bad by yourself. 

So the latest update is that I need to visit a testing center to be evaluated for possible cardiac issues. It's not a definite thing. It's just a possibility that this situation is more complicated than just "renal/kidney failure." Someone needs to hook me up to a machine or some such and take a look at my heart on a deeper level. The problem is that just getting somewhere is a financial burden to me. 

One of the worst situations in the world to be in is to be too sick to work consistently and then not have a choice but to work or be put in the street. I won't lie and say that that in itself isn't stressful, but the chest pain isn't stress related. The chest pain occurs only when I do strenuous physical activity, like walking or turning my car wheels back and forth to bleed the power steering system. Like I said before, it feels like something is pinched or restricted in my chest, but it's only noticeable when I exert my body. Otherwise, it manifests as extreme fatigue.

I went out there today and tried to fool with the car, but it just wasn't happening. I had to sit down. I tried to get AAA to help as much as possible, but there's only so much they're allowed to do. I'm going to try to tough it out because I have no choice but to try to work for a few more hours, but if I get worse, I will try to drive the car to the hospital. I can't afford to pay Uber to take me there, and I don't want to rack up an ambulance bill that I can't pay. 

I will try to make my Shabbat faith-based video later with the strength that I do have. Right now I have a headache, and I think  some tea and a hot bath may help. I really need my Heavenly Father to make this better for me. I really do.

My Idea of an Exciting Day

The past two days have been pretty good ones as far as energy levels. I enjoyed a good portion of yesterday and today without feeling like something was sucking all the life out of me. The swelling in my face even went down a little bit. I've been working (stationary) and watching some old 80s movies to entertain myself and make myself laugh. Yesterday it was "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and then "The Pickup Artist" with Robert Downey, Jr. and Molly Ringwald. Today it's "Young Guns" in between wordsmithing projects. I've already done "The Breakfast Club," "Pretty in Pink," "Some Kind of Wonderful" so forth and so on. Yeah, I know, they're all "secular" movies, but they are from my younger years, and I guess I've been feeling a bit nostalgic lately. I've been on a Brat Pack mission these past few weeks. 

My car is still up on jack stands. I don't know if I wrote about it, but I had to quit trying to bleed the air out of the power steering system this past Sunday because I ran out of energy and made myself sick. I haven't had enough strength to go do it again. It takes a lot to keep turning the wheels (with the car off) to the extreme left and then the extreme right. I was supposed to have some help with it this week, but I guess the helper was busy. I don't think folks understand how much I really need their help because I apparently can't do all the strenuous stuff that I used to do. 

I'll get back out there eventually, but this is why my car is not on the road. It takes time for me to get out there and do the odds and ends that I have left. It runs, but I have to bleed the power steering system, find a leak that wasn't there before, and then check everything and make sure all the stuff is connected and screwed back on tightly. Like I said, I had to quit with the power steering system bleed because it was just too much.

Today I got myself up and took a walk to the store. It felt wonderful to get some sun and get some of that vitamin D that we're (black folk) always deficient of, but... I had to stop and grab a bench for a few minutes because of chest pains again. I keep wondering why my chest hurts if the problem is in my kidneys. Everyone says that my heart is fine, and I believe them, but something sure seems to be taking a beating every time I try to walk somewhere. 

The chest pain makes me upset because every time I have a "good day," I start thinking that the problem is going away. Ug, then a short walk to the store will remind me that... {insert Bill Lumbergh's voice here}" Yeah... If you could just go ahead and not over exert yourself... because you're not all better.... that would be great."

Just taking a walk to the store is "exciting" because I never know whether I'm going to make it back or not, ha-ha. Lord, I can't wait to get this car ready to go. I don't want to walk anymore. 

Errgh, so I'm back in my propped up position on the bed trying to sit up and get some work done. I'm hoping I can stay up late without falling out, lol. I had lots of sauteed veggies for dinner and some rice and beans. I have to keep hitting the Mexicans up until I'm able to get myself another cooking apparatus. It shouldn't be long. I just have to get to Walmart. I'm drinking a coconut-based antioxidant drink, too. Tastes great. 

Hot, and not in a Good Way

I'm hot, and my chest is rather congested at this time. It's not like a fever, but more like the room feels hotter than it actually is.

Today wasn't such a good day. I keep trying to do regular things, and they just aren't working anymore. A guy was talking to me about a job today, too. He was trying to be helpful, and I was just standing there thinking, "Man, I can't even sit up half the time, lol. There's no way I'm going to be putting in 12 hours a day at anyone's factory." 

I couldn't say that to him though because I didn't want him to think I was lazy or didn't want to work. It's not that I don't want to, but I have to be realistic. I can do a sedentary job like the one I've been doing, or I can do a driving job, but that still doesn't mean that I won't sometimes be too sick to do those, too. I can maybe stand in front of someone's counter, but I'll need to sit down after a while. It is what it is, and this is the way it is.

I'd try really hard to do a driving job just for the health benefits, but I don't think there's much else for me out there. Let's see: 

Dear corporate employers: Anybody looking for non-energetic, Sabbath-keeping swollen folks who want premium hourly pay and good-a$$ health insurance? No? I didn't think so.

I was doing fairly well until I went outside to bleed the power steering system on the car. I even got someone to jack the car up for me, but it still took a lot of strength to move the wheels to the extreme left and the extreme right over and over again until...

I never did get finished. I plum ran out of energy before all the dang bubbles got out of the power steering system. Then I noticed that my legs were swollen. Beh. I couldn't do anymore. I went to the store to get some more juice and water. I picked up a piece of grilled chicken on the way because, at that point, I needed it. 

I took a shower, and now I'm done. I have no energy left. I'm not even sitting all the way up right now. I'm at a 25-degree angle and struggling to write. I can not believe that I feel this crappy. If you look at the numbers, they don't even look as bad as I feel. I mean, they're significant, but it seems like I feel 10 times worse than what the numbers show, lol.

There has got to be something that will make this better. I mean, WTF, and that F does stand for fudge. There's gotta be like a special drink that'll just perk me up ASAP. 

I pray, but sometimes I'm too tired to do that. I do it in my mind because I don't have the energy to go in the prayer area and get into prayer position and such.

I never know what each day is going to be like. Tomorrow I might be writing about having a "good day," but right now, I feel like crap. Every time I have a "good day," I get excited like it's going to stay, and then I get disappointed when it doesn't. It just doesn't seem like I'm getting any better or it's passing or anything. 

I don't have it in me to work all night. I think I'm just going to go to sleep. I need to open a window first.

A Good Day

Today was what I call a good day. It was a day when I had enough energy to get a significant amount of work done, and I didn't have a hella-massive headache or an icky nauseous feeling. It's like a holiday when I experience all three positive feelings at once. I'm still swollen, but maybe not as much as I am some other times. 

I've been studying and researching lately. I looked for some forums to join so I wouldn't be using social media as my coping mechanism, but I don't know. I guess I wasn't ready for forums. I'm not as sick as some other folks are, and I feel like a sissy-girl or a big baby if I go on there whining about this to someone who is waiting in line for a transplant. 

I just... couldn't. 

I feel like utter crap, but I can't even imagine how bad those people feel. Bless their hearts, and I have no idea how they do it. My pain/illness threshold is very low, and headaches and nausea are two things that put me out of commission until they are gone.

This could still turn around for me, so I haven't lost faith about that. As a matter of fact, I had an awesome prayer session the other night. I had a horrible headache, and I took Tylenol (which never works) because I read that I was not supposed to take ibuprofen (which always works). I went to my little prayer area and started praying. By the time I left, I was feeling kind of good. It's always good to pray even if you don't feel like it. 

Yesterday, I had a period of feeling good. I got too excited and went for a walk. Chest hurt on the way and back. Took me forever to get home. Today, I might actually make it all day.

I studied up on dialysis just to get an understanding of what it is and how it works. I'm not even close to needing that (I don't think), but it doesn't sound like anything I'd want to do. Awe man, both methods seem painful, and the method where your blood gets filtered outside of your body and then put back in... well, it sounds like it's easy to get an infection that way.

If I ever got to that point, I don't think I'd want to do it. I'm just saying. I reviewed the process, and I'm thinking no. Anything where I would have to stick myself or insert something somewhere ... uh-uh.  

I've heard of people who completely reversed their issues, though, with diets and other methods. So I might just be telling a recovery story in a few months. Who knows. 

If the good Father is willing, and I'm here on Friday, I'm going to make two videos. One will be about the symptoms of kidney issues, and it'll probably include an urgent note for people to get themselves checked. I had not been to the doctor for four years or more before this incident occurred. I was absolutely fine then, or so I was told. 

These problems crept up on me over the past year and then accelerated over the past month, but they could have existed before then. If people don't take their routine tests, then they simply don't know. Some folks don't have symptoms until they are far advanced, and routine tests could have caught it early.

The second video I'll make is going to be a faith-based video. I already know what the subject will be, but I'm not telling. It's a good one. It's one that keeps presenting itself to me, so I guess that means I need to address it.  It means that someone wants me to speak on it. 

Anyway, it's time for me to get back to work and take advantage of this uptime while I can.

Knowing Put My Mind at Ease

Just knowing what is wrong with me has put my mind and everything at rest. There is no feeling worse than knowing that you are extremely ill but not knowing exactly what the problem is. Anyway, I was wrong. It wasn't my heart, and it wasn't my thyroid.  Thank goodness I didn't get a chance to start eating to treat my thyroid. Many of the foods that one would eat to try to treat thyroid issues could actually mess up their kidneys. That is what my problem is. I have renal failure. Yeah, I have documentation, but if you want to see that, you'll need to contact me personally.

Lol, I had a conversation with my Uber driver on the way. We were trying to figure out what was wrong. Driver thought it might have been my thyroid, too. That massive weight gain is what made that person think thyroid because the person had a relative who suffered from such. Well, we were both wrong. I actually did think of my kidneys for a second after I saw my pee-pee yesterday, but then I dismissed the idea.

I thank the Heavenly Father that there were some people around who really wanted to help others. It was an organization, and I have to say that I don't know what I would have done if they were not there to help. Somebody was looking out for me.

This is only the first part of my journey, though. The second part is finding out how serious it is, what stage, etc. It could be something that can reverse with a little treatment, and then it could be something that will not reverse. I had to take further testing. So I get to be home while I am waiting for results. I'll find out more later.

I still feel like utter crap, but my mind is at ease. I'm not crazy or pregnant. I knew I wasn't either one, but the appropriate tests needed to reflect it so that others would know, too. Kidneys just acting up is all. 

I'm going to try to work while I have some energy. Work didn't go too well last night. I was nauseous and tired. I even tried to use a program to type my words for me so that I wouldn't have to sit up, and I fell asleep doing that. I have been falling asleep on my work projects for a long time because of the lack of energy. That's why I got "demoted." I made too many mistakes from falling out on the projects. That kind of stinks, but what can you do?

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A New Day

I remained quiet for the latter part of yesterday. A life-changing event occurred, and I felt that it was just time for quiet mourning and resting. I 'll never understand how some people celebrate when these events occur. I didn't think this type of event was anything to celebrate, but then again, I'm a sentimental gal. Many folks from this generation don't appreciate that quality. All emotions are either weak, weird, or "crazy" to some folks. I'll never change, though. I do like who I am in that aspect, and I'm glad that no one was ever able to completely kill that part of me. 

I am still waiting for the new MAP sensor and vacuum harness to come in so that I can put it on the car and fire her up again. I'm pretty confident that it will be ready to drive after that. I hope I can stop paying Uber soon because it's killing me. 

Today, I woke up with a headache, and I thought I'd take a walk to get some exercise and see if I could get any of this weight off. I didn't have a good experience. Just walking from home to the post office put me out of breath, made me cough this wheezy cough, and made my legs get the pitting edema

Everyone asked me if I was okay and if they could call somebody. I said no, and then I immediately called and started trying to get into the medical office in the next town. It just so happened that they worked it out for me so I will be able to see someone soon. Hopefully, they'll look farther into my symptoms than a first-sight judgment or preconceived notion, and they'll help me find out what's really going on. I can't speculate. I can only say what the group of symptoms point to. I already did that. The only thing that can be ruled out is pregnancy. I told them I was in no possible way pregnant, and now they should have the formal proof of such.  Can we move on, please?

The list of other possibilities is extensive and none of them are good. They're all like ___ failure or chronic ___ failure or ____ disease or hypo __. Nothing on that list is something I'd be okay with having. There's a slight possibility that it has something to do with perimenopause maybe, just because of my age. Perhaps it could be hormonal, but that wouldn't explain coughing and all these complications every time I do an activity. I don't know, which is why I need help from doctors who can have labs run the appropriate tests. It doesn't look like it's going away. 

So after the post office, I took a rest and then walked back very slowly. My left arm was hurting by the time I got back, and my hand was a bit swollen, too. I took pictures of my hands and the pitting edema on my leg, but unfortunately, I couldn't take proof of breathlessness, a headache, fatigue, or coughing unless I did it on purpose. Otherwise, I couldn't get the video camera working in time. I want to spare you from having to look at my medical pictures unless you want to. I'm keeping all of my documentation in this post so that it will be all in one place if anyone needs to reference it. You'll have to click here to see it. It'll pop up in a new window, I think. 

So it looks like the latest chapter of my life, the newest season, has started with some challenges, but they all do, don't they? Spiritually, I feel amazing. My body, not so much, lol, but I'd rather be okay in the spirit than okay in the flesh if I had to choose between the two.

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Salesman Wigs, Uber Laughs

You know you've had a great day when you share a laugh with your Uber driver as he drops you off at your destination. The reason? Well, the Uber driver could overhear the insurance salesman as he snapped on me and hung up on me because I wasn't giving him my "full attention." Can I say WTF? Nope. Only, if I mean what the fudge. 

That was hilarious. The health insurance people have been calling me. Yeah, of course, I've been looking into coverage, but it does me no good because all the plans are screwed. Believe me; if there was a plan that was within my price range, I would have it. I'm a numbers girl. I've already tried running the numbers six ways to Sunday. You're either screwed on the premium, or you're screwed on the deductible, but ma'am, you... are... screwed.

Grammarly's gonna tell me I used several unnecessary ellipses now. 

I don't like insurance salespeople much, to be honest. A lot of them don't care who they sign up, just as long as they sign somebody up. They do all kinds of shady stuff to earn their pay and don't really care about the people. It's all the same: life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, whatever. 

The man got mad at me because I don't beat around the bush or play games. I want cheap coverage. I'm low income but apparently not low enough for Medicaid. My budget is ___, so you're wasting my time and yours if you can't get me this premium with this deductible: $0-$50. Yes, I already played around with different numbers. That's how I am. I'm sorry if you feel as though I'm trying to take over your job, but I like running numbers myself and trying to get myself the best deal. There are times when I want someone else to do it, and times when I don't. Today just wasn't a good day for sitting there and listening to a licensed agent tell me that they couldn't find me the pricing that I need either. 

So basically, he clicked me because he demanded my full attention, but I had to tell the Uber driver where to stop. I saw him out the corner of my eye with his arms up like hellooooo, so I had to answer him. So the bratty little salesman hung up. Yeah, we laughed at that crap. Dude was silly, lol. 

Now, I am getting ready to take the longest sleep ever. I have some swelling and whatnot. I have that pitting edema that is usually a sign of major organ failures and such. 

My breathing is okay right now although I do have some chest pain on the right side. I'm tired. It was a long day for me today, and I got upset today because it seemed like all this stuff was working against me this morning. OMG. Come on. 

Now I can't keep my eyes open anymore. I'm just so tired, and I mean that in an "I'm just physically sleepy from not getting much sleep yesterday" kind of way. I was having an 80s "Guiding Light" episode marathon.

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Hospital Experience and Daily Health Updates

People usually know their own bodies, and they know when something is terribly wrong. First, let me say that I would never ever pretend to have a medical condition as serious as the stuff that I've been talking about as a:

  • Way to get sympathy 
  • Way to get a reaction
  • Way to get some kind of benefit

That's just not me, although I knew some folks who did do something like that in the past. I had been fighting these symptoms for the past few weeks and trying to avoid going to the hospital because:

  • I don't have money
  • I don't have good coverage
  • Bad past experiences
  • I don't feel that hospitals are good caregivers on the whole

My strength was so bad yesterday that I finally sucked it up, asked someone to help me, and got myself to the hospital. This was after three weeks of swelling in different areas of my body (ankles, legs, feet, behind the eyes, abdomen) and dealing with headaches, shortness of breath, and horrible, horrible fatigue, such that I couldn't even work. I'm a writer, so to not be able to sit up and consistently write... it's not good. 

I know I'm not functioning properly because I've been in this body for 43 years. Now, I may not be qualified or knowledgeable enough to diagnose myself, but I damn sure know I wasn't suffering from a case of the crazies (anxiety). These were all real physical symptoms that I was having, and I was scared but is it abnormal to be scared when your body swells in a way that you've never seen it swell before, and you can't breathe? Who wouldn't be worried at that time like that?  It's completely unprofessional to dismiss someone who is ill, chalk it up as some random "anxiety" and not even look into it. 

I regret going to the hospital because they weren't helpful at all. Actually, the visit was quite damaging. Some of the staff members were very kind, but the doctor wasn't concerned with finding out what was really wrong with me. He already had a preconceived idea, and he went on that. It could come back to bite him in the behind, though. 

I'm documenting every physical symptom that I have, and I'm posting it on my blog and on social media. That way, if I pass away from whatever underlying condition this really is before I get the proper diagnosis, someone will know that I was dismissed from the hospital before they even looked at my bloodwork, heart, or anything else that could have explained all of my symptoms. 

What really made me furious was that they wouldn't order tests for my heart or examine my bloodwork (they took six vials of my blood by the way), but they saw fit to take a pregnancy test even after I told them THREE TIMES that there was NO humanly possible way that I could be pregnant. You can't really get pregnant if you haven't been with anyone in half a decade, can you? Alrighty then.

Hell no, I'm not pregnant, but they seemed to be more concerned with whether or not I was than they were with what was really hurting me. That, my friends, is not cool at all. They wasted money on a test that wasn't necessary and refused to do the tests that were. 

Today I have a headache and pitting edema. I didn't do much when I got back home but cry about the humiliation that I felt when I tried to go get help. I guess from now on I have to provide visual proof of everything, and then I have to try to find the money to hire a "primary care physician." That's going to be a problem because I don't have any, and Medicaid does not approve people here who are not pregnant, totally devoid of any income, or caring for minor children. 

This is a video of my pitting edema this morning. I goofed up and said in the video that it was January 6, 2017... twice. I still haven't adjusted to 2018 yet. Oops. I'll have to be more careful next time, but you get the picture. I only had to touch my leg for a fraction of a second to get the pit, and this is not even what I would consider a bad day. 

My Car Is In Better Condition Than I Am

The rent is free in both Heaven and Hell, so the thought of death does not frighten me. I know that we all have to have the first death, and I also know that I'll be free of rent when my time comes, lol. It's the pain that scares me. I would hate to have to suffocate to death. I mean, the idea of that really stinks. 

I'm propped up in the bed. All I did was go outside to tinker with the car and walk across the street to the convenience store, and I had apparently overextended myself. 

Legs are swollen today. Last night it was my belly. Breathing is hard right now. 

I have a good day for a few good days, and then I forget that the issue is still there. I stupidly drank a little coffee because I was trying to stay up and work last night. A lot of good that did because I ended up falling asleep on the project anyway. Palpitations today, too. 

I'm trying to maintain the strength to at least write and try to earn, but I really just want to go to sleep right now. This is so wack.

Here's How the Chevrolet Monte Carlo Is Doing

So... the last time I discussed auto repairs, I was talking about how I was going to try to Gorilla glue and tape my MAP sensor and it's components back together. I did a pretty good job, actually. I did well enough for the car to stay on for at least three minutes. I let it run. It would have kept on running if I hadn't cut it off, but it's not good enough for me to drive it anywhere. I'm still smelling some things that aren't right because the sensor and stuff aren't perfect. The car doesn't really have the right air-fuel mixture going on at all. I WILL need to buy another sensor. I can't really assess the car's performance right until I get a new sensor and it's little hoses on there. 

I'll have to say, it was pretty cool hearing the car start and run a little bit after all that work I did. When I first started that DIY head gasket project, I really didn't have much hope. Now, at least the car starts and runs for a few minutes. I don't have to ever drive it anywhere to be proud of myself for the work that I did. It was a HUGE job that had a lot of precision requirements that I couldn't meet because I just didn't have the budget for the equipment. 

I enjoyed myself for most of the process. I especially enjoyed learning as I was going along. It was sort of like "on the job" training, except I didn't actually have a job. You know what I mean, though: Watch some videos of some expert mechanics, absorb the knowledge, and then try it yourself. Go watch some more videos, listen to the technical side of things, and then try to grasp the WHY part of all that fun stuff you do with the tools, lol. 

I think the term "swapatron" is what the mechanic, Mr. Schrodinger, calls people who like to just swap out parts instead of doing proper diagnoses with computers and stuff. I'm not gonna lie; I'm a huge swapatron. It's FUN for me to guess and then just change the stuff out. Computers and little digital boxes make mechanicking boring. 85% of the fun is in guessing, doing a swapatron, and then seeing if I had it right. 

I'm going to get a little rest now. 

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The 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Started and Here's What Was Wrong

The first thing I did when I didn't get a full start from the Monte Carlo is I checked the spark plug wiring diagram. Actually, two of them were in the wrong spots, but they had to have been like that before I took the car apart because I labeled them all exactly where I got them from. I'm not the one who originally put those plugs on, so I don't know. At any rate, I had to switch two of them. 

Next, I watched some videos from Schrodinger about diagnosing "crank but no start" issues. I was pretty sure that the problem was my MAP sensor and stuff, but I still wanted to make sure that there wasn't something else I was overlooking. Schrodinger is a cool guy. He's so meticulous that he tries not to get oil on himself all the time, and I think he's funny the way he talks at the "Honda fanboys" and people who complain about the way he does stuff in his videos. 

I watched The Original Mechanic next and went through the last part of his intake manifold job, again just to make sure that I did not skip a step. His name is David, and he meticulous, as well. His voice is so gentle that you can easily fall asleep watching him do long jobs, though. I learned a lot from both of those guys about this job that I just did, so I wanted to give them proper props even if they'll never see it.

I couldn't find anything that I did wrong, so then I moved on to the broken MAP sensor and stuff. Here's a picture of it so you know what I'm talking about:

The piece is broken in two areas: underneath the sensor where the little vacuum line is supposed to be on it, and right there where I have the silver piece of tape. This is a huge problem because the line goes from the sensor to the fuel pressure regulator. Anyway, I tried to tape up the MAP sensor and components that I broke, but it still would not start. It wasn't until I pulled it all the way off that the car finally started all the way up and ran for a short while:

I bought some Gorilla Glue, and I'm going to try to glue it back together and get an airtight seal on it. If not, I will have to buy a new MAP sensor. The prices vary depending on where I get it from. You know that. Could be $15, could be $50, but I won't get it today even if I have the money. No one has it in stock. 

It should at least run continuously after that gets worked out. I still have to harness all of my plugs and wires, tighten some screws, and so forth. The engine still looks like a mess because I'm technically not finished yet. 

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