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A Good Day

Today was what I call a good day. It was a day when I had enough energy to get a significant amount of work done, and I didn't have a hella-massive headache or an icky nauseous feeling. It's like a holiday when I experience all three positive feelings at once. I'm still swollen, but maybe not as much as I am some other times. 

I've been studying and researching lately. I looked for some forums to join so I wouldn't be using social media as my coping mechanism, but I don't know. I guess I wasn't ready for forums. I'm not as sick as some other folks are, and I feel like a sissy-girl or a big baby if I go on there whining about this to someone who is waiting in line for a transplant. 

I just... couldn't. 

I feel like utter crap, but I can't even imagine how bad those people feel. Bless their hearts, and I have no idea how they do it. My pain/illness threshold is very low, and headaches and nausea are two things that put me out of commission until they are gone.

This could still turn around for me, so I haven't lost faith about that. As a matter of fact, I had an awesome prayer session the other night. I had a horrible headache, and I took Tylenol (which never works) because I read that I was not supposed to take ibuprofen (which always works). I went to my little prayer area and started praying. By the time I left, I was feeling kind of good. It's always good to pray even if you don't feel like it. 

Yesterday, I had a period of feeling good. I got too excited and went for a walk. Chest hurt on the way and back. Took me forever to get home. Today, I might actually make it all day.

I studied up on dialysis just to get an understanding of what it is and how it works. I'm not even close to needing that (I don't think), but it doesn't sound like anything I'd want to do. Awe man, both methods seem painful, and the method where your blood gets filtered outside of your body and then put back in... well, it sounds like it's easy to get an infection that way.

If I ever got to that point, I don't think I'd want to do it. I'm just saying. I reviewed the process, and I'm thinking no. Anything where I would have to stick myself or insert something somewhere ... uh-uh.  

I've heard of people who completely reversed their issues, though, with diets and other methods. So I might just be telling a recovery story in a few months. Who knows. 

If the good Father is willing, and I'm here on Friday, I'm going to make two videos. One will be about the symptoms of kidney issues, and it'll probably include an urgent note for people to get themselves checked. I had not been to the doctor for four years or more before this incident occurred. I was absolutely fine then, or so I was told. 

These problems crept up on me over the past year and then accelerated over the past month, but they could have existed before then. If people don't take their routine tests, then they simply don't know. Some folks don't have symptoms until they are far advanced, and routine tests could have caught it early.

The second video I'll make is going to be a faith-based video. I already know what the subject will be, but I'm not telling. It's a good one. It's one that keeps presenting itself to me, so I guess that means I need to address it.  It means that someone wants me to speak on it. 

Anyway, it's time for me to get back to work and take advantage of this uptime while I can.

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