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Better Day

I made it through the migraine. I finally did get to sleep last night, and it was gone when I woke up. Today the problem is mostly in my upper back and chest. My back is sort of sore, and my chest is a little tight, but not unbearably so. The soreness could be from the weird way that I slept. The tightness is surely illness related. 

I took a walk across the street to get more water, and that put a lot of strain on me. I'm definitely not okay. I prayed this morning to "call in my healing." We're healed by the stripes of Yahusha, right? So... I called in my healing. I asked for its delivery. I'm hoping that anyone else out there who is a man or woman of faith will pray for me, as well.  

I still have pitting edema, but the swelling in my legs and ankles is lower than it was yesterday. Every day is like a trade-off. One painful symptom swaps out for another, but it never completely goes away. 

I don't know if I'm so sick because I'm low on protein or sick because of the waste that my little beanos can't filter out of my blood. I'm not nauseous at the moment, though. I'm eating. I'm trying to eat smart, you know, in a way that replenishes the things that I'm losing but doesn't cause a build-up of waste. It's kind of a numbers game with lots of trial and error. I sure like grapes and pretzels

Yeah, I should probably be in a hospital, but who wants to rack up a $17,000,000 bill? I can make my room sort of like a hospital room. The problem is that I have to get my own stuff. I need nurses to bring me food, check my blood pressure, heart, etc. I can bathe myself right now, although it's kind of challenging getting in when I have the swelling in my legs. Yesterday, I was ouch-ouch-ouching all the way into the tub. 

Other than that, I'm comfortable where I'm at.

I will get to the testing center next week to get those heart tests if the good Father keeps me here until then. Right now, I'm going to try to get some work done while my head isn't hurting. I have no choice. 

I'd say today was an okay day. It's always a pleasure not to have a mondo migraine. I need a good 80s movie to watch in between projects. 

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