My Idea of an Exciting Day

The past two days have been pretty good ones as far as energy levels. I enjoyed a good portion of yesterday and today without feeling like something was sucking all the life out of me. The swelling in my face even went down a little bit. I've been working (stationary) and watching some old 80s movies to entertain myself and make myself laugh. Yesterday it was "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and then "The Pickup Artist" with Robert Downey, Jr. and Molly Ringwald. Today it's "Young Guns" in between wordsmithing projects. I've already done "The Breakfast Club," "Pretty in Pink," "Some Kind of Wonderful" so forth and so on. Yeah, I know, they're all "secular" movies, but they are from my younger years, and I guess I've been feeling a bit nostalgic lately. I've been on a Brat Pack mission these past few weeks. 

My car is still up on jack stands. I don't know if I wrote about it, but I had to quit trying to bleed the air out of the power steering system this past Sunday because I ran out of energy and made myself sick. I haven't had enough strength to go do it again. It takes a lot to keep turning the wheels (with the car off) to the extreme left and then the extreme right. I was supposed to have some help with it this week, but I guess the helper was busy. I don't think folks understand how much I really need their help because I apparently can't do all the strenuous stuff that I used to do. 

I'll get back out there eventually, but this is why my car is not on the road. It takes time for me to get out there and do the odds and ends that I have left. It runs, but I have to bleed the power steering system, find a leak that wasn't there before, and then check everything and make sure all the stuff is connected and screwed back on tightly. Like I said, I had to quit with the power steering system bleed because it was just too much.

Today I got myself up and took a walk to the store. It felt wonderful to get some sun and get some of that vitamin D that we're (black folk) always deficient of, but... I had to stop and grab a bench for a few minutes because of chest pains again. I keep wondering why my chest hurts if the problem is in my kidneys. Everyone says that my heart is fine, and I believe them, but something sure seems to be taking a beating every time I try to walk somewhere. 

The chest pain makes me upset because every time I have a "good day," I start thinking that the problem is going away. Ug, then a short walk to the store will remind me that... {insert Bill Lumbergh's voice here}" Yeah... If you could just go ahead and not over exert yourself... because you're not all better.... that would be great."

Just taking a walk to the store is "exciting" because I never know whether I'm going to make it back or not, ha-ha. Lord, I can't wait to get this car ready to go. I don't want to walk anymore. 

Errgh, so I'm back in my propped up position on the bed trying to sit up and get some work done. I'm hoping I can stay up late without falling out, lol. I had lots of sauteed veggies for dinner and some rice and beans. I have to keep hitting the Mexicans up until I'm able to get myself another cooking apparatus. It shouldn't be long. I just have to get to Walmart. I'm drinking a coconut-based antioxidant drink, too. Tastes great. 

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