My Car Is In Better Condition Than I Am

The rent is free in both Heaven and Hell, so the thought of death does not frighten me. I know that we all have to have the first death, and I also know that I'll be free of rent when my time comes, lol. It's the pain that scares me. I would hate to have to suffocate to death. I mean, the idea of that really stinks. 

I'm propped up in the bed. All I did was go outside to tinker with the car and walk across the street to the convenience store, and I had apparently overextended myself. 

Legs are swollen today. Last night it was my belly. Breathing is hard right now. 

I have a good day for a few good days, and then I forget that the issue is still there. I stupidly drank a little coffee because I was trying to stay up and work last night. A lot of good that did because I ended up falling asleep on the project anyway. Palpitations today, too. 

I'm trying to maintain the strength to at least write and try to earn, but I really just want to go to sleep right now. This is so wack.

Here's How the Chevrolet Monte Carlo Is Doing

So... the last time I discussed auto repairs, I was talking about how I was going to try to Gorilla glue and tape my MAP sensor and it's components back together. I did a pretty good job, actually. I did well enough for the car to stay on for at least three minutes. I let it run. It would have kept on running if I hadn't cut it off, but it's not good enough for me to drive it anywhere. I'm still smelling some things that aren't right because the sensor and stuff aren't perfect. The car doesn't really have the right air-fuel mixture going on at all. I WILL need to buy another sensor. I can't really assess the car's performance right until I get a new sensor and it's little hoses on there. 

I'll have to say, it was pretty cool hearing the car start and run a little bit after all that work I did. When I first started that DIY head gasket project, I really didn't have much hope. Now, at least the car starts and runs for a few minutes. I don't have to ever drive it anywhere to be proud of myself for the work that I did. It was a HUGE job that had a lot of precision requirements that I couldn't meet because I just didn't have the budget for the equipment. 

I enjoyed myself for most of the process. I especially enjoyed learning as I was going along. It was sort of like "on the job" training, except I didn't actually have a job. You know what I mean, though: Watch some videos of some expert mechanics, absorb the knowledge, and then try it yourself. Go watch some more videos, listen to the technical side of things, and then try to grasp the WHY part of all that fun stuff you do with the tools, lol. 

I think the term "swapatron" is what the mechanic, Mr. Schrodinger, calls people who like to just swap out parts instead of doing proper diagnoses with computers and stuff. I'm not gonna lie; I'm a huge swapatron. It's FUN for me to guess and then just change the stuff out. Computers and little digital boxes make mechanicking boring. 85% of the fun is in guessing, doing a swapatron, and then seeing if I had it right. 

I'm going to get a little rest now. 

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