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I Made Up My Mind

I think my car has turned into a permanent project vehicle. You know how some people who are mechanically inclined like to always have something to tinker with or play with all the time? That's me. I don't think I'll ever be officially done with the car as far as I'm concerned. I'll always be working on something. Last Sunday it was the transmission cooler line. Today it was some minuscule coolant hoses. Sunday I'll be on a mission to get my lights back on and find the vacuum leak if the Father is willing to keep me in this world 'til that day. 

So I went outside to work on those two hoses near the throttle body, and I had a nightmarish time getting the right one off to put a new clamp on so that I could tighten it up. The area was just so tight. I finally did it, but then my arm suddenly felt like someone had punched me in it in several places. Ow, ow, ow was all I kept saying. I didn't hit my arm or anything. It just started spazzing out or something. The other arm joined in a little later. 

I stopped working and went and bought some crackers and ginger ale because I had been nauseous this morning, too. Drank that and then walked to Subway. I can't say that the walk was bad. It was actually quite good. My legs and chest were fine. My arm pain didn't go away, though. I had to go ahead and pick up some Ben Gay. Remember the old Ben Gay commercials?

Now, it's almost time for Shabbat, and I can't wait to rest. I was just falling asleep just now, but I want to fight it so that I can clean my room.  My spirit is good. I would say that I'm in a good mood, too. I don't have mood issues FYI. I only get mad when people do stuff that warrants getting mad. Any game playing/head games, manipulations, or taking advantage of poor people in any way...yeah, that's gonna consistently make me mad every time.  It has nothing to do with a mood. I just don't like when regular people or businesses operate that way for any reason. 

Stress? Meh...yeah, maybe a little, but what single woman wouldn't stress at all if she were in my position right now (check-to-check, unpredictable body, lack of support, a stockpile of bills, etc.)? It's completely normal.

Oh, I made my mind up about the V8 Healthy Greens drink. It's a hot mess. It's gross. The best part is the spinachy texture that you get when you get to the bottom of your cup, but it's a struggle just getting to the bottom of the cup. Some things just shouldn't be mixed together. They just put way too much conflicting stuff in the same mix. Greens can go well with bananas in a drink like a smoothie. That's about it. All that pineapple and apple and carrot and all this...too much. I will finish the bottle, but I will never buy this item again. I usually love V8 drinks, too. I think just about all the V8 Splashes are good. This was just nasty. I'm sorry, but that's the truth. I couldn't even "get used to it after a few times." It made me make a sound that was kind of like... chkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, like an extended hacking sound. Honestly, I'd give it one star for getting me excited and then making me go chkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Oh, yeah, and one star for having the audacity to cost more than three dollars, but that may have been a store thing. 

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