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The "Curse" of Singleness

There seems to be a modern consensus in society that says that we must have a partner in this life, whether it be a spouse, significant other, or some other type of arrangement. It's not a concept that's exclusive to the heathen. Even people of faith have this thing where they sometimes look at the single person as if there's something wrong with his or her singleness

I beg to differ on the idea that single people are some type of rejects, rebels, or envelope pushers. I beg to differ on the speculations that such people have a "fear" or an "issue they're carrying with them" that causes them to be alone. I beg to differ on the belief that singleness and -- oh my goodness -- abstinence and celibacy are "conditions" that one should pity. 

I beg to differ because I'm a single person, and I'm absolutely fine with it. You see, I see my singleness as an opportunity to spend as much time as I can with the Creator. I'm a busy person because I have to work so much. Unfortunately, I don't have one of those great-paying jobs, but if I put enough time into my work, I can almost pay my bills sometimes :-) That being said, I don't have time for a relationship. The relationship would demand my time, and I actually owe all of my time to Yahuah. 

Any time that I would spend with a man would take from the time that I would spend with the Creator. Thus, the man that I would be with, if I were to ever get into a relationship again, would have to be a man who is in love with Yahuah. He'd have to be a man who would worship Yahuah with me and be my leader. He'd need to be my spiritual leader. How can I have a spiritual leader who doesn't worship Yahuah? If you don't worship Yahuah, you worship hasatan. You see why that wouldn't work for me, right? All righty. So that immediately cuts short my options for a mate and other people's option to have me as their mate. That part is non-negotiable. 

Another thing is that I would rather be with no one than be with someone who is wrong for me. A lot of people in the world are lonely and "tired of being alone." That's not a good reason to start a relationship, and it's definitely not a good reason to break celibacy. It's not a good reason to start a relationship just because it appears as if everyone else is doing it either. If everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you? I certainly wouldn't. 

Another point that I want to raise is that women outnumber men, especially in the Hebrew community. Does that mean we should take what we can get, even if it's someone else's man or some man from another nation? Hell no. Maybe it means that there isn't someone for every single person in this world. Perhaps singleness is/was the plan for certain people all along. It's possible. 

Now I'll talk about the way that I feel being a single person. I feel great as a single person. I know what I'm doing, and I know what I'm into. I don't have to worry about anyone else's wickedness or what they're doing, just me.  I don't feel bad that I don't have anyone. I feel worse about not having any kids to raise than I do about not having a partner, to be honest. I love kids, and I want to raise a child in the Word.

I'm not a man hater, man basher, or one of those women who want to avoid relationships at all costs so that I can "act like a man" and "be in control." I'd gladly step aside and humble down to my new leader if Yahuah would send me a godly man.

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