What Exactly Is "Meat"?

Deceptive labeling has made it more difficult to avoid eating abominable foods. Anyone who is adamant about biblical dietary laws is going to have be diligent and read every single label. It's best to avoid meats altogether, but it's not always possible. 

I like to get my iron and protein from beef and chicken and such. I know I can get them from veggies or plant-based items too, but personally, I'm just not into veggies and seaweed and whatnot that much. I love broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, mushrooms, onions, beets and a few other things, but I can't eat them all day. Therefore, I do still eat the clean meats. I try my best to avoid consuming or serving the unclean and abominable things. 

Unfortunately, manufacturers label things as "meat," and that deceptive label can cause dietary errors if we don't pay attention. I purchased a Weight Watchers version of lasagna the other day. I was so hungry and seriously in need of some iron, calcium, protein, and so on. I had lasagna many times in my lifetime, so I automatically thought it was made with BEEF. I didn't even notice that the packaging said "meat." 

It wasn't until I got home, heated it up, and almost devoured it that I heard a still, soft "voice" tell me to review the information on the box again. Then it hit me. Eureka! Bingo! Bam! 

"What the hell is 'meat'? Meat could be anything!"

If it were beef, the label would have said beef. 

I then noticed that the meal had no iron contents in it at all. If the "meat" were beef, the meal would have had iron contents in it. 

Finally, I started searching for the super-small list of ingredients. I found it, and I also found pork in the ingredients. I threw it away immediately and was pretty upset about my wasted $3. Guh.

Just another lesson I learned. We can't even trust labels. We can't trust our own idea of what certain platters should have in them either. Chef Boyardee makes his meatballs with pork, too, but at least they do disclose that on the cans. These are things that I never noticed until I started following dietary laws. I never realized how many different places the enemy had inserted his filthy pork into our foods.



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