This Is What I Do for a Living

Dear Accuser,

You know who you are, and I wanted to say something to you and anyone else who thinks they know who I am and what I do with my time. It's not that I actually care what you think of me, but I do get tired of you following me around, analyzing my text,  and then twisting every word that I write to whatever your sick mind develops. I think it's pretty sad that after all these years, you still don't get that I'm not a hooker. You still don't understand that I'm an honest individual, and if I say that I'm doing something, that's exactly what I'm doing. If I say that I'm not doing something, well that's the truth, as well. 

I am a freelance writer and a transcriptionist. That's what I do to make my money. I work part-time as a cashier, as well. That's how I earn my pay. Nothing more, nothing less, and definitely nothing unholy or illegal. But you just can't wrap your narrow, twisted mind around it, can you? I'm not who you dreamed me up to be. I'm just not, and you can't make me into that no matter what you say or what you try to tell yourself. You were wrong. It's as simple as that. You were wrong, and you are wrong, and you'll always be wrong. 

This Is my phone screen

I have a lot of email addresses that I accumulated over the years and never deleted, so I get work updates on a few of them, hella spam on a few others, insurance information on others, etc. That's why I like to get all my information on the hub. I don't have to log into a whole bunch of accounts just to check my emails, and then when the page starts to fill with emails, I can just do a mass delete just like I said. 

Notice the emails that say SNAGAJOB. Those are alerts about jobs. Notice the emails that say system@textbroker or and then "Your article" and blah blah. That's information about articles that I wrote and whether the customers approved my payments or wanted me to revise the texts. 

There's some spam in there and a call and a text from my female boss at the cashier job I was working to earn some extra pay to pay my rent. I don't live in a lovely house or apartment right now, but where I dwell doesn't automatically make me a hooker. The foundation that covers my head has nothing to do with the actions that I take with my body. How stupid are you to think it does?

The above item is one of my recent pay stubs with some private information crossed off in the Paint app. Notice that it says "Payment for content rights" not "Payment for booty and BJs." You see, I sell material that I write, and people pay me for it, hence I call myself a writer. Get it? 

That's a screenshot from my little work grid. It shows you the name of the article, the date I wrote it, the earnings, and the status. I could not post any personal information about the customers and their IDs, and I can't tell you what my author ID is either. I just wanted to show you what I do. By all means, if you ever need some text, sign up with Textbroker and get it. There are some great authors there.

I don't make that much money, but it's all honest and clean. I just try to write a lot of stuff all over the place. This is only one of the companies that I contract for, but it is the best one. That's why I like my emails to show up on the  BB hub in one place, as well. 

Now you know what I do for a living. Hopefully, your sick imagination can stop getting the best of you. The devil is known as the accuser of the brethren...and the sisters. Your accusations always come straight from the pits of hell. I told you that I am a woman of Yahuah, and I don't do those things. Believe it. But if I want to share my Blackberry Pin with new people just so that I'll have someone to talk to on BBM, and some of the people happen to be men, so what? I'm a single woman, and who are you to accuse me of doing anything with those people? 

I just wanted to post this information because I was tired of people trying to judge me without knowing a damn word of what they were talking about. Go away you judgemental jerk, and do not speak to me again on any platform of any kind. Thank you.

Just One Ride

Right now, I'm trying to fight a massive headache and nurse an arm that's still very sore. It was a pretty good day because I got to get in my car and drive to the post office and then to Subway. I haven't driven my car much in about six months. Last September, the head gasket blew, and I went on a mission to DIY it. Like I said before, I had no option but to either try it or be without a car forever. 

I'm unable to get a car loan, so it's not like I can simply "Sell it and get something better" like some people try to advise me to do. I can't afford to pay a car note anyway. Besides, no perfect vehicle exists. That's where I clash with other people. They rant and rave about Toyota this and Honda that and blah blah XYZ foreign vehicle. My first car was a Mazda. I paid my hard-earned money for it, and it broke down within a month of having it. I owned a Toyota Celica in my younger days. I had a Nissan 240SX and a Subaru Brat too. None of those cars outdid my Chevys on anything, and not one of them lasted forever without an issue. So it's not that I've never owned anything but a Chevrolet. It's that I've had many cars, and I've always come back to Chevrolets. No other manufacturer's stuff has impressed me enough to make me want to not own a Chevy. Is that so difficult to understand?  

 ALL cars break down, especially as they age and/or the owner fails to keep up with maintenance. There is no car that's exempt from having an issue, and there's no reason to throw a car away if it runs either. I can't afford to "just get another one" like some people can do. I have to make do with what I have. 

I remember a sales guy from a car dealership telling me to "date the car for a while" and that I didn't have to "marry" it. He was trying to sell me a Hyundai that I absolutely did not want instead of the Chevys that I was asking about. See, that's the thing. I'm into long-term relationships. I don't date just for the sake of dating. I aim to MARRY. If I'm not going to get married, then there's no purpose in dating. Get it? I'm the same way with my cars. I buy cars that I intend to keep for the long haul. My last Chevy was with me for 12 years. I don't "date" my cars and then change them every two or three years. I try to keep them for a lifetime if I can. 

So anyway, the head gasket job took me about four months to do because of waiting for parts, working a lot of hours, and dealing with sickness and so forth. Just as I was putting it back together, I broke the MAP sensor, so it wasn't running right. Then, I noticed that it was still doing something weird after I put the new MAP on there. It was much better but was still acting funky. Ah, then the guy from the neighborhood took it for a test-drive, and I found out that the transmission cooler line plug had come out. Lost all my fluid that day. Ever since then, I've been trying to plug that transmission cooler line up and also figure out why my car was idling funny.

Finally, after installing a new EGR valve, I  drove it around to the parts store and asked them to hook it up to the computer. It only pulled one code, and that was for the MAF sensor. I didn't have the money to buy a new one, so I just disconnected it for now, lol. Runs like butter with it disconnected. 

It ran well enough to take me around town without stalling out, overheating, or any such a thing. A Mexican (?) man was actually the one who got the transmission cooler line plugged in right. I tried to do it last week with my hurt arm, but I didn't get it in there good enough. Lost several quarts again today. Now it's in tight, though. Not leaking anymore. 

Is the car perfect? Hell no. Does it run? Today it does. All I can do is pray and hope that it runs tomorrow and the next day and the next. I need my car. It sucked not being able to get to the doctors and such without spending half of a week's pay. I just want to be able to do everyday tasks and errands. That's all.

And again, I say, I don't ever want to do that massive head gasket job again. I'll gladly call a mechanic the next time I have a problem...if I have the money. GLADLY.

What to Do When Life Gets Frustrating

Frustration is one of those emotions that no one ever wants to feel. We darn sure don't want to ever admit that we go through it, yet we all do. Every person on the planet has been frustrated at some time or another for some reason or another. It doesn't matter what race, gender, faith, or economic status one carries. Something can always peeve a person off. 

What does one do when life gets frustrating, though? What does a person do when the whole thing is just like...ugh? What do you do when you constantly take two steps forward only to be kicked 12 steps back? What do you say when you do your best, and it just isn't good enough? How about when you get tired of being the underdog even though you have an absolute and complete understanding of why you're the underdog? What do you do?

First...Here's What You Don't Do:

  1. Scream
  2. Go Postal
  3. Give Up
  4. Lose Hope or Faith
  5. Become  a Product of the Environment

Now...Here's What You Can Do:

  • Thank the Father
  • Keep Fighting
  • Find Joy in Other Things
  • Laugh at Life
  • Dance

Yes, I said dance. Dancing is a great way to release frustration in a positive way. If you don't believe me, turn on the original "You Got Served" movie. Better yet, go turn on the original "Footloose" movie with Kevin Bacon. Ha-ha, if people would dance more now instead of shooting each other in the face when they get frustrated, the world would be a much better place. 

Thanking the Father may seem a little weird when you first start doing it, but you'll get used to it. Yes, thank Him for your poverty, your arse-whooping, your car breakdown, your illness, your bad day, and your whatever else. Why? Because it always ends up teaching you something that you didn't know the day before. 

Don't focus on the negative crap that happened. Think about something good that's going on despite the negative stuff. For example, you may not have a running car, but you do have a set of legs that work. That's not promised to you, and it can be taken away at any time. Find joy in blessings like that. 

Some stuff is so horrible and so frustrating that your only two options are laughing or crying. Sometimes, it's okay to cry, but don't spend an eternity on a "woe is me." It's always better if you can laugh instead. Laughter generates happy juice

Last but not least, keep fighting the good fight. Don't ever give in to the evil one or the attempts of the system to break you. Keep doing what you do. Be strong, pray, and endure. 

Sources: Self-experience and the clickable link sites 

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