BlackBerry Leap and BB10 OS: Day Two

I've had a few more days with the BlackBerry Leap and BB10. I like it and can't for the life of me figure out what went wrong when it released. I guess it was just a "majority rules" type of thing. Anyway, here are some of the features I experimented with and a little about them:

Bedside Mode

Now, calm down and take a deep breath before your brain twists and makes something perverted out of "bedside mode." It's just a feature for when a person wants to shut off all his/her notification noise from the phone, like say if that person wants to go to sleep for the night and not be interrupted by a loud email notification or something. 

To activate bedside mode, you can just hit the quick controls. You do that by swiping a finger from the top of the screen to the bottom. The swipe will pull down a page of quick settings, and then you can hit bedside mode. A new page will fall over your screen almost like when you pull a drape down over your window. It shuts everything out immediately and displays this cool red clock. You can set the time that you want your alarm to go off and your communication to turn back on. 

Bedside mode is a beneficial feature if you're trying to go to bed for the night, or you're doing home or office work and don't want to be bothered, or if cutting off your phone is part of honoring the Sabbath day

Parental controls

Thank the Heavenly Father for parental controls. I don't raise any children, but I love parental controls because I can turn off certain applications that are harmful to me, such as BlackBerry Messenger. The more I explore this phone, the more it grows on me because I find cool new features. You can access parental controls by swiping down from the top of the screen, and then hitting settings-> security and privacy-> parental controls. You can then turn off any application you want to turn off and control the content that you receive, too. Therefore, you don't have to read bad words if you don't want to. Ah, you can also set your phone to accept texts and calls from only the people in your contact list if you like. If you don't save them as a contact, their communications won't see the light of day. 

BlackBerry Messenger

I'm not big on instant messaging. I never was, but I did share my pin on the Crackberry forum just to see if there was anyone else out there who had a BlackBerry and used BBM. We're few and far between, so we do have to look for each other. It's not like we run into a ton of BlackBerry users wherever we go. Duh.

My idea was to try to get a few people to message back and forth with me so that I could use the feature. It didn't much matter whether they were guys or girls as it was just about saying hi to each other from our BlackBerrys. Unfortunately, I didn't have a good experience on BBM. I ran into a *creeper* right away, and then I no longer wanted even to test the application or play with it at all anymore. It was easy to use for the few minutes I used it, though. So my first time using BBM was horrible, but it had nothing to do with the software or the developers. I suppose it could have been enjoyable if I hadn't run into a creeper.

BlackBerry Blend

I set up BlackBerry Blend on my PC just to practice transferring a few files. It took a minute because I had to install the drivers on my computer, but once it was set up, it was easy to use. You just highlight whatever file you want to transfer and then save it wherever you want to save it. 

BlackBerry Maps

You can use the Maps app as your navigator if you want. It works. You can put a location in there and then navigate to it. You can also share your location, show all the traffic that's around you, or save your favorite places. 

BlackBerry Remember

The "Remember" app is a task application that you can use if you have something important to do on a certain day or at a certain time. It pops up on your screen and makes a notification sound to remind you. I set one to test it. It was okay but kind of redundant since I set all that stuff up in my calendar. 

That's about it for now. I'll have to admit that the phone boggled me at first because it was so different. Now, I'm used to it, and I like it a lot. As I said before, the hardware has a sturdy build with some good weight on it. It seems like it could take a couple falls on the ground and still be okay. 

**Creeper: Person who shows up online and does or says creepy or abusive things.**


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