Blackberry 10 in 2018: Day One

It's a real shame that the majority of smartphone users has been under the iOS and 'Droid spells for the past 10 years. A great cell phone manufacturer and a wonderful OS have died because of it. It's only been day one of messing with BB10 for me, and I can already see that it's not inferior to any of the other software in any way. Even the hardware is good and sturdy. 

I picked up a Blackberry Leap because it was cheaper and smaller than the Passport. Plus, it was the very last model that they put out with BB10 on it. I updated to version 10.3. something-something, the latest version of the software, and I'm digging it. Now, the Leap isn't a spectastic phone, but how much do we really need when we think about it?

Random Specs:

Space: 16GB
Expandable to: 128GB
Size: 5.67 x 2.87 x 0.37 inches
Weight: 6 oz
Screen Size: 5 inches
Chip: Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960
Procesor: Dual core, 1500 MHz, Krait
Graphics processor: Adreno 225
Battery: 2800 mAh
Camera: 8 MP
Front Camera: 2 MP
Video: 1920x1080 (1080p HD) (30 fps)

Price Range: $40-$200

I'll be reviewing this phone/software in several parts. This is just day one, but this is what I found so far:

Um...BB10 has Social Media Apps

Just some FYI for the social media addicts: It does have Facebook and Twitter on it out the box. It also has LinkedIn out the box. Blackberry World has a free app called INST10 FOR INSTAGRAM, too. I just got finished testing it by posting a picture of my old MAF sensor from my car. IGrann is another one for Instagram that's available. I don't know anything about WhatsApp and all that, but it does have "the essential apps" for people who like their social media. 

I'm in Love With the Hub

I'm starting to remember why it was that I fell in love with Blackberry phones back in the day. It was because of the way they delivered the messages. I like getting ALL of my messages from EVERY account on ONE screen. That includes instant messages, text messages, emails, and so on. No other OS I used was ever quite as convenient as the BB devices were. I don't want to have to go into three our four different applications or hit three or four separate icons for my messages. I want them on the same page so that I can see them, and then I want to be able to do a mass delete and keep all my boxes clean. 

Customizable Notifications With LED Colors

The Leap offers a vast assortment of flashing LED notifications. Thus, every type of message can have it's own LED lamp blink at you. Every type of function can have its own sound, too. That may not mean a lot to other people, but I like the LED color options and the way that I can customize my notification sounds so that I'll know whether it's even worth it for me to look at the phone and read the message or not. Puke green LED and wah-wah music = telemarketer call. Won't answer. Cyan LED = junk message. Won't read. You get the idea. Of course, you don't have to set your stuff up like that, but it's fun to play with if you want to. 

 All notifications are LOUD, and there's something cool about having a database of unique sounds that you don't usually hear on other devices. 

Let's Talk About Call Quality

The first thing I noticed was that I had full bars on the phone. I've got good call reception and full-blast LTE, as well. This phone comes with LTE bands 1,2,4,5,7,13 and 17. It also has UMTS bands 1,2,4,5 and 6. Call clarity is superb, and the speaker volume is LOUD. Everything is super LOUD. I have alarms that will actually wake me up in the morning and notifications that I'll actually hear. It has Wi-Fi calling, but I don't think I made a Wi-Fi call. I made a regular call this morning, and it worked just fine. 

My Personal Stuff Is Intact

My calendar transferred over from Windows just fine, and it works the same exact way the other one did. All of my contacts, pictures, videos, and music are fine. 

The music player is LOUD and clear as day.

Pictures are clear.

Videos play LOUD and are clear as day

The YouTube app works fine.

Browsing the Net

I don't really understand anyone who says the browser is slow on these phones. My browser wasn't slow today. I did several tasks, and it moved very fast. 


I connected to the hotspot for a minute. It worked just fine and was easy to set up. I didn't try connecting it to a USB cable yet, but I will in a little while. 

Blackberry World

I don't really use a whole lot of apps, so I couldn't really tell if a lot of stuff was unavailable in BB World. I found a call blocking app called Call Block, a navigational app called Wise Pilot, my beloved Bible app, a Ping-Pong game, and a radio app called It took me a little while to find a decent radio app, but the one I found was awesome. It connected me to local stations, and it played the music LOUD and CLEAR. I listened to some hip gospel for a while. 

I'm just starting to dig in because this is my first day off, but it seems like it has all the functionality that I need. I like it a lot because it's different. It has a great build, and I really like the hub and the LEDs, lol. 

Supposedly, they're going to keep supporting BB10 until 2020 or some such. Most people don't even keep their phones for two years, so I'm not worried about it. Maybe they'll find a reason to continue the support after that. I'll keep it as long as it functions like it's functioning now. I might keep it longer even if it does turn into a dumbphone one day.

 A lot of people still have Blackberry devices with BB10 on them, and they are die-hard users who do NOT want Android software. I guess I get to join the little community now. It's a shame. I've been thinking about returning to the BBs off an on for a few years but didn't get around to grabbing one 'til now when my cheap Windows unit's battery started acting up. 

Next, I'll talk more about the gestures and all the little menus and stuff. This was just an intro.

*The above pictures are not of my phone. They are random pics from the internet posted by other people who have the same device*


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