Reasons to Buy a BlackBerry in 2018

Did she just say...BlackBerry? Yes, she did, and she isn't talking about the new ones with the Android guts. She's talking about the straight-up BB10 OS BlackBerry.

As most people who actually know me probably know, I used to be a smartphone freak and addict. I'm just one of those people who digs electronics and mechanical devices, and I spend a lot of time looking at diagrams, schematics, parts, puzzles, and spatial reasoning tests. I worked for some of the top cell phone companies back in my day, and I basically tried to buy, dissect, inspect, and crack every smartphone known to man.

Well, I calmed down a lot when I grew up a little bit, found my faith, and started living a more economical life. Now I just tinker with my ancient car all the time. I'm always taking some part off of it or swapping this or fixing that. 

I had gone all the way down to an old-school flip phone at one point but later I realized I kind of needed some smartphone features that the old-school flip units couldn't provide. I like getting all of my emails from my potpourri of accounts in one place, for example. They keep me updated on my work projects, their progress, special work opportunities, and my pay. I like using the calendar and alarm features to remind myself of when I need to pay bills, too. I have as many bills as I have email addresses, so I need to be able to see the entire month and what I need to do as I work and earn pay each week. I need to have an annoying alarm go off to remind me, too.

I also use hotspot when I have trouble getting a connection where I'm at. My work is almost 100% online, so I need to have an internet connection to do it. I use other things like GPS from time to time, as well. However, I'm not a big social media person. Yeah, I have a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc., but I'm not very active on them. I definitely don't use things like that WhatsApp thing or any of the texting or social media apps that other people can't seem to live without having on their phones. Thus, it doesn't affect me one way or the other if I use an OS that can no longer execute such applications. 

Even if Uber stops supporting the app for phones with alternative OS, there's always Lyft. Lyft still works on Windows mobile devices, but I'm not too sure about the Blackberrys. Meh, there's always taxi cabs if not. You can just call them. No app is necessary. Isn't that amazing?

I started looking at Blackberrys after the battery on my current phone started acting fejuzzled. It brought back some memories. My brother was the first person in the family to pop up with a crackberry back in the day. At first, I thought they looked weird, but I eventually found myself with a crackberry, and I loved it because of the way the email from numerous accounts would just display in one straight line on the screen. My favorite model was the Pearl with the little pearl ball in the middle. 

Anyway, it had been some time since I looked at BlackBerrys, so it was news to me that the company had stopped making its own handsets, sold itself to some man named Chen, and had apparently got in bed with Google and made some dang Android Blackberry wackbrids. It just seems so wrong that BlackBerry phones would ever have Android software inside of them. Just wrong.  

I'm seriously considering going back to a BlackBerry, but I don't want a DroidBerry. I want BB10 unit. I don't think society even gave that OS a chance. I'm curious to see what's it's like, and it'll be a nice change. One thing I love doing is going against the grain. I wanna be that unpopular girl who doesn't have an iPhone or an Android. I want something different. I like the Passport a lot, but it's a bit much in price. My last phone cost me less than $50, and I'm not willing to invest much more than that in any phone. 

Windows mobile devices are a little slim on applications, but it depends on how you use your phone. I don't use most of the stuff that these young folk use. I don't need a WhatsApp or a snapchat or whosthat. I could care less if Facebook is on the phone, In fact, I usually remove it from my phone immediately. 

I don't know when I will be getting a BB, but it will be soon since I can't simply swap the battery on my phone. It's non-detachable. I could actually just get another one of the models that I already have, but I've already explored it. Might as well try something different. There will only be support for BB10 OS for probably two more years, but that's a decent amount of time.  I'll be sure to write a nice long review about BB10 that probably no one will read because no one has it, ha-ha. 

By the way, it isn't sinful to own a smartphone. It's sinful to idolize a smartphone. It's sinful to spend all of your time and attention on a smartphone. It's sinful to watch porn or commit adultery or fornication on a smartphone. It's sinful to buy a smartphone instead of paying the rent. It's sinful to lie, cheat, and steal just to get a smartphone. The sin with material items is not in having them; it's in worshiping them, using them in an abusive manner, or putting them in first place in your life. 

I feel a faith-based video coming on this week...


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