Should You Go Back to Maiden Name After Divorce?

That's a good question, and the answer to that question is that it's up to the woman. Everyone's circumstances are unique. Some women may be so excited to get rid of the ex-husband's name that they change it back to their maiden name before they even get divorced. Other women may feel like they'd rather keep an ex-husband's name than reclaim their daddy's name. Then there's a group of women who are stuck with simply choosing the lesser of two evils. The name that they keep is the name that they feel is the better of two choices that aren't really all that great. 

A woman can request to have her maiden name back in the divorce process. If she doesn't want it, she doesn't have to request it or take it back. Unless the ex-husband is a complete jerk, he usually doesn't interfere or demand that the woman stop using his name. However, some men do just that. That doesn't mean the judge always orders it, though.

I personally kept the ex-husband's name, and I refuse to state why I made that choice. Draw your own conclusion. I will say that my grandfather once told me a story about his last name, and apparently, it wasn't our family's real name anyway. I still remember the last name/ slave name that he told me he was given orginally. It's funny. I didn't even get along with my grandfather at all, but there were two times in his life that he sat me down and told me ancestry stuff out the blue sky. I remember thinking, "Huh? Why is he telling me this?" That story is 100% true.

No one can force another person to take a name. They can call that name, but they won't get an answer if it's not the right name or the legal name. I don't have an alias. I'm known by one name, and if anyone calls me anything else, they do not get an answer.  

I'd love to go through the legal process of changing my name to a one-name name. If I could do it, I'd have no last name at all. Just Timiarah. Unfortunately, it's too much trouble to go through right now.


  1. Great blog. I never looked at names that way before, nor did I know that a woman could even choose to have her maiden name back. Learn something new everyday.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, it asks you if you want to take your maiden name back in the paperwork. I don't know if all states give women that option, or if all lawyers even let their clients know that they have the choice, but it was made known and available to me.


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