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10 Most Frustrating Parts of Being a Writer

1. People take writers for granted.
2. Many authors don't get paid much because of the issue mentioned up top.
3. People view writing as a hobby, even when it's an occupation.
4. Everyone judges all of a writer's work, even when it's informal. Grammar nazism is common on personal blogs, comments, and emails, for example.
5. The writers can't make errors, although all of them do. No piece is flawless.
6. Announcing that you're a writer brings unwanted competitiveness from others. It's not a dang competition.
7. Dictation tools hurt because they make more mistakes than the writer does. So much for saving time and giving our fingers rest.
8. People judge writers as grammar deficient because of the software's errors.  So much for saving time and giving our fingers rest.
9. People expect writers to be editors when they are two separate and distinct positions.
10. The writing rules are too inconsistent across platforms, which causes authors to experience Oxford comma …