Dream Recap

Last night's dream was pretty peculiar. It took place in a hotel/motel room where I guess I was living for one reason or another. It's not so difficult to figure that part out. My next-to-eldest son was with me, but he was a little kid maybe between eight and 10. He's really in his 20's, so it was kind of weird seeing the child version of him. There was a woman there in the earlier part of the dream, too, but I can't remember who she was. I think she was Chinese, though. I told you the dream was weird. 

Somehow Arnold Schwarzenegger was in it. I have no idea how he got there. I guess he was a friend of ours or something, but we ended up having to kick him out because he got into a fight with the Chinese woman

I had gone into the other room to sing right before Arnold acted out. I had an idea in my head about singing an acapella worship song. I remember thinking it was a great idea and that I really didn't need to have music all the time. The lyrics said something about living your life and sacrifice. I wish I could remember the melody and the words right now because I'd go sing them and finish the song. 

I went and set up and got ready to sing, but my son said he wanted me to play with him. I remember not having any idea of what I was supposed to do to entertain him, but I wanted to make him smile since he was literally sulking for me to spend time with him. I told him that I really wanted to sing the song before I forgot the arrangement but that I had a special spot on it for a kid his exact age. 

So, basically, I was going to let him sing something on the track. That was a way for me to spend time with him, include him in what I was doing, have fun, etc.  It was the only thing I could think of where everybody could win. So, we were going to sing to Yah together. 

That seemed to make him smile, but of course, I woke up before I got to start recording it. I woke up before the melody and the words had etched themselves into my consciousness to carry over after I woke up. I'd have to dig deep to find the melody and those first two lines that I sang. What I did bring with me was the concept of just doing at least one of my songs as an acapella. 

The child? Well, maybe I should have been more creative and found things to do with him when he was younger. I don't know. Can't do a darn thing about it now. 

The Chinese woman? I have no idea how she got there, and I'm really starting to think she was the "Hurry up and buy" lady from the "Don't Be a Menace While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood" movie of old. She was Korean, though. 

I have no idea how Schwarzenegger got there, but we had to kick his butt out. I hadn't watched any of his movies recently, and he's not the Governor of South Carolina. I hadn't watched the movie mentioned above either, but these cats somehow crept up into my dream. 


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