The Profanity of it All

I guess the subject of the week for me is going to be profanity, cuss words, potty mouth, etc. I met an interesting person earlier this week, and I noticed that this person used more and more profanity as we spoke. I seem to have that kind of effect on people for some reason. I seem to bring the wickedness out. I'm not kidding either. I'm dead serious. 

I can be sitting there trying to have a normal G or PG-rated conversation with someone, and they'll just start wigging out, either cussing at me or saying some other off the wall stuff. Their words will suddenly have nothing to do with what I'm talking about at all, and they'll just have a vile and corrosive nature.

I don't have to do anything to provoke this behavior. It just happens. I keep thinking that there's something I'm supposed to do once these persons start acting out, but by that time, I'm usually so frustrated with their behavior that I walk away. 

What if each time that happened to me, it happened because I was called to do something? What if I'm unknowingly walking away from my calling? I mean, we don't always get called to do pleasurable things. We don't always get called to do things that are fun. Some of us are called to do just the opposite. We're called to deal with ugly situations, ugly subject matter, and sometimes ugly people, or rather, people who are being controlled by ugly entities. 

Let me not get too deep into uncomfortable realms. I'll just say that the interaction that I had with that individual made me think about profanity. It's probably going to be the subject of my next video: profanity. I tend to think that the use of profanity is a sign of a demonic stronghold. Why else would anyone use such language? It's vulgar. It's disgusting. It's harsh and cutting. It's everything that's not what the Heavenly Father is all about. 

There is nothing positive, uplifting, or holy about an F-bomb or an S-bucket. It's all negative, and there's no way to justify it. I actually saw a so-called minister trying to justify it by denying that they were cuss words. He used an elaborate explanation to try to validate his stance, and then he proceeded to cuss. It was disgusting. 

We can deny things all day long, but it doesn't make them any less real or true. Those words don't come from Yah, and if they don't come from Yah, they don't come from anyplace that's good. Anyone who's confused about whether cussing is wrong or not should ask themselves this: "Do you think that if you died right now and got to meet Yahuah, He would let you talk like that in front of Him? Do you think that He would talk to you like that?" If the answer is no...stop it. 

Yes, I used to use profanity many years ago, and as I said, it's a sign of a demonic stronghold. I wasn't born cussing, and I didn't even talk like that until I was about 19. I picked it up through a process I like to call transference. The stronghold is no longer with me. 


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