Timiarah's Back From Hibernation

I guess I haven't written in my blog since March of 2018. That's a long time, huh? I learned that I have to be careful about everything that I write if I'm going to use my real name. People tend to twist things, collect things, use things, etc. That's the bad part about social media. The good part is the instant contact, the instant information that one person can get on another with the click of a mouse.

Update on  Life

I'm still in love with Yahuah (God). That's not ever going to change. If you're waiting for it to change, you're going to be waiting a very long time. 

My car is running. I got finished working on it a few months ago and have been driving it ever since. I just couldn't be bothered with making any more self-auto-repair YouTube videos. I still need brakes, and I never figured out why the new MAF sensor didn't want to work, but it has taken me far as is. I think I've gotten my money's worth out of this car. Anything extra is just that: extra.

I'm still single and not even remotely close to dating or anything like it.  The reason? Well, it's a mixture of my age, my experiences with people, my faith, and just not having much in common with folks these days.

My health is okay. I'm healthy enough to share my blood. I can tell you that 100%. I do have a few intermittent deficiencies (calcium, iron, etc.) though, and they make me really tired.

I'm still self-employed. I'm still a writer and general artist. At this point in my life, I don't see it changing much. In terms of working for others, it just gets harder with age, low nonsense tolerance, competition, and faith-based scheduling requirements.

I'm still living in Hardeeville, SC. I have not budged since 2016. I'm still trying to save and get a cute little cozy home or flat, but I'm dealing with a lot of opposition and high current living expenses. It's not easy to save when a big chunk of your earnings goes to rent. That's not a difficult concept to understand, is it? I don't think so.

I still make music. I have two new songs,  and I'm working on a third one. They're mostly about Yahuah, though, so I don't really have the same fan base or the same supporters who used to work with me before. Basically, all the producers who used to work with me turned their backs on me when I said I wanted to make gospel type stuff, lol. I have to make my own music and do everything myself, so production takes much longer than it used to. The quality is still poe folks quality. I can't help that.

That's about it for now.


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