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Heinous Tests

I finally passed the proofreading test at one place I work. Wow, and it only took me seven years. I had been trying to pass the test so long that I had gotten used to the fail screen. They have stringent requirements. They want a 90% score rather than the usual 80%. I'd have passed a long time ago on the 80% requirement, but the 90 was tough. 

You have to know English grammar and AP style to pass the test. I was never a fan of AP style even though it's the chosen style of all modern journalism platforms. Parts of it peeve me, like the forced Oxford comma omission. Aside from that, I don't like chopping my work. I'm a wordy speaker, and that usually flows into my writing. I'm a fan of "archaic" terms, and many of today's editors are not. 

Seven years is still a super-long time to fail a test. In my defense, I will say that the test is heinous. Many people complain about its complexity and trickiness. I think none of them took as long as I did to pass it,…