NEVER Too Old To Sing or Rap

It kills me when someone says that a man or woman is "too old to rap" or "too old to sing." How so? As long as people have vocal chords and words in their heads, they should be able to throw down. If no one wants to listen to it, okay. If someone does want to listen to it, okay. There's no age limit on the artwork. True artists will have art pouring out of their spirits until the day they die. The ones who make it to the Kingdom might even be doing it there. Maybe Yah will have them singing the "holy holy holy" song. 

This age stuff is so silly. "Oh, you're too old to have kids. You're too old to sing. You're too old to wear multicolored high tops. You're too old to laugh."

Dahell? Young people act like we're supposed to crawl under a rock and die when we hit 25 or something. Lol, I remember being made fun of by young people back when I was only 28. Back then, I was like, "Huh? What are they talking about?" Now, I'm much older than that, and I still don't know what they're talking about. 

Personally, I have a youthful spirit. I mean, yes, I'm serious a lot of time, and I'm quite preachy at times, too. However, I still love to laugh, and I still love to sing and rap. As long as I'm capable of doing such things, I'll be doing them. 

What made me post this was that I saw some of the arguments that were going back and forth between the old school rappers and the mumble rappers. The mumble rappers have no respect for their elders at all. They like cussing at them and calling them "old." That's the only insult they have. He or she is "old." Well, guess what? Lyrically, those "old" people can run circles around the mumble rappers with no effort whatsoever, and that's not even mentioning their flow techniques and mechanics. I mean, crap, half the mumble rappers can't even stand up straight because they're high on narcotic beverages. That doesn't make for a very coherent flow, now does it? But then again, half the youngest generation of kids is high too, so maybe they're hearing something we're not. 


Even Big Daddy Kane, who's like 50-something and wasn't even one of my favorites, could crush these folks' lyrics in his sleep. I'm just saying. These kids don't own the rap game. What they're involved in is not even rap anymore. It's the devil's playground, actually.  


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