It's Okay to Have a Pity Party

It's okay to have a pity party, and it's okay for Yah's children to have pity parties. There were many pity parties in the Bible. They were called laments or lamentations. The Psalms were full of pity parties about how badly the wicked people were treating Yah's children and so forth. David recorded a lot of pity parties. It is not wrong to feel a little "woe is me" for while. You just can't get stuck in it and let it overthrow you to a point of a long-lasting funk or something like that. When you have a pity party, you should:

  • Do something positive and constructive.
  • Talk to Yah (God) about it.
  • Let it out, and let it go.

  • Let's face it; life sucks sometimes, especially for people who are trying to do the right thing. The world does kick back for that. Everyone has been disappointed, hurt, backstabbed, cheated, etc. at some point in their life. They're allowed to have a moment of silence for their dignity or their trust or dreams or whatever got crushed at that time. I had a recent pity party. I wrote a song called "Pity Party" while I was having my pity party, and guess what? I'm done with the song and the pity party. I think the song's pretty catchy but needs to be mixed a lot better. 

    That is all.


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