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Newsflash: "Jesus" Wept

Everyone knows that I don't refer to the Messiah as Jesus, but for the sake of discussing him with people who don't know his realHebrew name, I'll use the term. There seems to be a belief among certain people that we are supposed to walk around in this world and not display our emotions no matter how much painful stuff we endure or how many atrocities we see. Society often deems anyone who displays his or her emotions as problematic, weak, or worse yet, some kind of crazy. It's normal for society to have those cold views, but I'm shocked to hear them coming from people who refer to themselves as followers of "Christ." Well, which Christ do such people follow? There is more than one, actually. There's the one in the Bible, and then there's the one who one person made up and millions follow. 

It's gotten so bad lately that people are afraid to cry anymore. Crying is such a natural thing to do. Emotions are such natural things to have, as well. Ou…

My Associate Degree

UOP finally released my degree and sent me a nice pretty one. Yay! This little associate degree doesn't mean much to most folks, but it does to me. Considering what I was going through at the time, it's a miracle that I passed. By 2008, I had been through numerous emotionally devastating scenarios, almost died more than once, been raked through the coals, and had to "start over" several times. In fact, my middle name should be "start over" because it seems it's all I ever do. I'd love for Yah to send me a king who will love Him and me enough to where I don't ever have to do any more starting over. This king would be there for me and never leave my side. He'd protect me and cherish me and be my very best friend. Most importantly, he'd love and worship Yah and would be a good spiritual leader to me. 

Anyway, thanks UOP for releasing your death grip on my degree. I appreciate it more than you know. I have no idea what an Associate of Arts is…

My Quick Review of a Chevrolet Sonic

I took a long drive in a 2012 Chevrolet Sonic today. I’d been looking at cars for quite some time since the 2005 Monte Carlo rebuild. The car still makes it from point A to point B, but because of its age, it’s falling apart everywhere else except the motor now. It’s about time to let it go. 
I’m a Chevy girl, so I won’t even look at or test-drive anything that’s not a Chevy, not for any reason of any kind. I’m leery of “new” stuff, too. I don’t like the idea of digital gauges, computer chips, funny-looking keys that regular stores can’t reproduce, or possible dealer repair dependence. No sir, I don’t like that idea at all because I enjoy working on Chevys myself. The Sonic is a pretty new car with funny looking keys and such, but I took a ride in it anyway.
I liked the salesman a lot. I liked that he didn’t try to sell me something I didn’t want. As soon as I said I preferred Chevys, he stopped talking about Toyotas and whatnot. I like a salesperson who listens to what the customer wan…

Sure Hope Work Is Good Today

Today was a pretty confusing and annoying day. I haven’t even gotten to work yet, but hopefully, things will be better there. One thing that irks me is that certain transcription companies I used to do contract work for keep contradicting themselves. Their style guide says not to correct the speakers' grammar, but then they get on the transcribers for making grammatical errors in the transcript. Huh?

When people talk on the phone, they don’t use correct grammar. When people speak to each other, they don’t use correct grammar. Thus, we don’t type correct grammar when we type a verbatim (or even a non-verbatim) transcript. Yes, grammar should be an issue when it’s an article, book, or email. It shouldn’t be an issue in a transcript if the speaker isn’t using correct grammar. I mean, it has to be one way or the other. Either the transcribers are supposed to correct the grammar, or they’re not. Which one is it? If they’re not, shut up. If they are, put it in the stylebook and ask them …

Almost Time to Ship Out

I am so thankful to Yah for providing me with a new place to live after I waited not-so-patiently all these years. The whole thing has definitely made me more appreciative of apartment approvals. I'll never take one for granted again. I'll tell you that much. I will treat it with the highest level of care and respect. If everything works out well, I will stay until it's time for me to move into a little house. I'll be ready to own a home this time. Hopefully, I'll have someone to share it with by then. I'm still praying and hoping for a compatible earthly husband, but I will understand if there isn't one in the plan for me. I'll be disappointed, but I'll be okay because I'll know that my Maker is my husband regardless (Isaiah 54:5).  

I did not move today because of Sabbath observance (moving activities=labor), but I was tempted to. Temptation always comes in one form or another every day. We just have to be strong and know when to pray for assis…

Ending Another Chapter

It's funny how you can sometimes get so used to something that's bad that you get a little anxious when it's time to change for the better. That's the way a lot of long-term struggles are whether they're relationship struggles, living struggles, or something else. If a person isn't careful, he or she can get comfortable in a bad situation and think that it'll never end. It will end, though. One just has to keep the faith.

I had to live in a motel room for three years. I stayed at the same place all three years and never missed a beat. Shoot, I stayed there so long that I almost forgot that I was living in a motel --'til some people reminded me just to be mean. 

I wasn't doing anything wrong. I wasn't living a bad lifestyle. In fact, I was living by Biblical principles the whole time. I just got stuck in the high rent/can't save cycle. I was earning enough to pay for the room, but I didn't have much left over afterward. So from on the outsi…

The Real Me

Everyone who knows me knows I'm an artist, or at least they should know by now. Music is my first love in terms of art, then creative writing. Business marketing article writing was just something I did to pay bills. I didn't necessarily like it because it didn't allow me a lot of creative freedom. 

Music wasn't something I just decided I wanted to do when I was thirtysomething. It's just that no one paid me much mind, so they didn't really know what I was into. I started writing poetry and short stories at a very young age. I wrote my first song when I was about 14, but I don't remember it in my head. It was a rap song I'm sure, and I wrote it at a time when my cousins were breakdancing and whatnot.

I called the first one I can remember writing and recording "Take It or Leave It." I can still remember the music and my first five or six lines. I was 17 when I wrote that, and I was not living in my parents' home. I had a job, though, and my b…

Not What I Expected

Today went in a totally unexpected direction. I didn't do anything I thought I was going to do, but I did end up doing stuff I wasn't supposed to do. First of all, my entire exhaust system is screwed up. I had no idea because, as I said, I don't go underneath cars. I crawled up under there today, though. I did it gangsta style with no jack or anything. 

Man, the hole is the least of the problems. Neither one of my mufflers is even connected to the pipe, lol. WTH? They've both snapped off. I'm not sure when it happened. It could have happened when I disconnected the exhaust from underneath the hood during the head gasket job. The weight of the pipes bearing down may have snapped the mufflers loose because they were old and rusty at the connection points. 

It could have also happened when those men helped me to connect the exhaust back to the car. I don't know. I wasn't under there until today. I knew nothing except for the unmissable hole. Those guys never sai…

The Muffler Project

I just decided what I was going to do today on my day off. That's what we have to do when we work for other people. We can't just lounge, frolic, travel, and write articles whenever we darn well please. Nope. We have a schedule to which we must adhere. We lease ourselves out to a corporation, and such a corporation expects us to be there when they put us on the schedule. So... Today is my day off for myself to do whatever I want. Tomorrow is for Yah.

I've had a messed up muffler on my car for eons. Crap, it was probably like that when I first bought it in 2013, but I don't really know because I spent zero time looking at the bottom. That' the thing about me and cars. I'll try to tackle anything under the hood, but I don't mess with tires, brakes, struts, shocks, or anything that one has to get underneath the car to access. I don't even do my own oil change because it requires me to get under the car to remove the filter and drain plug. Nope.

I don't h…