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Almost Time to Ship Out

I am so thankful to Yah for providing me with a new place to live after I waited not-so-patiently all these years. The whole thing has definitely made me more appreciative of apartment approvals. I'll never take one for granted again. I'll tell you that much. I will treat it with the highest level of care and respect. If everything works out well, I will stay until it's time for me to move into a little house. I'll be ready to own a home this time. Hopefully, I'll have someone to share it with by then. I'm still praying and hoping for a compatible earthly husband, but I will understand if there isn't one in the plan for me. I'll be disappointed, but I'll be okay because I'll know that my Maker is my husband regardless (Isaiah 54:5).  

I did not move today because of Sabbath observance (moving activities=labor), but I was tempted to. Temptation always comes in one form or another every day. We just have to be strong and know when to pray for assistance. The apartment will be waiting for me after Shabbat. I did it in a way that I could take my time and move slowly without affecting my work schedule for the week or my energy level being that I'm so old and feeble. :-)

I met some of the neighbors yesterday and did a quick look around to see what was there. I love the setup. Everything I need is within two miles of the place. There's a Walmart (favorite store), KFC, Crystals, Walgreen's, pawn shop, thrift shop, several banks, auto repair shops, so forth and so on. There is a bowling alley nearby. The skating rink is 40 minutes away, but at least it's within my reach. 

I could technically walk everywhere else I need to go...except for work. Work is here in Hardeeville, but there's a store right next to the new apartment, ha-ha. If I ever do transfer, I won't have far to walk at all. I could almost literally roll out of bed and be at work. 

I'm not sure why things didn't work out for me as far as finding a place to live here in Hardeeville, but oh well. It seemed like every attempt that I made to get a place here got thwarted. The next-to-last straw was when someone showed me a townhome, hyped me up like I was going to get it, and then pulled the rug from under me after I got excited about it. The very last straw was when the low-income complex sent my application to the back of the pile and changed my move-in date to 2020. I wasn't willing to keep trying to beg Hardeeville to "accept me" and approve my request for a place. I had been in the same motel room for three years. No one should have to live like that with no resolution for three years.  

Eventually, I just figured that it just wasn't for me. I figured that Yah had a different plan for me. I'm still not a huge fan of change, so I don't like the idea of having to change any paperwork or anything. I guess I'll get over it, though. Hey, and who knows? Maybe I'll fall in love with the new area. I'll still be working in Hardeeville, so I'll see the town every day as long as I keep working here.  

Right now, I am going to start my Bible studies, prayers, and worship song creation. I'm still working on a song called "Hands up High." I'm super excited about finishing it. It's a straight-up praise song. Make no mistake about it. 

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