Ending Another Chapter

It's funny how you can sometimes get so used to something that's bad that you get a little anxious when it's time to change for the better. That's the way a lot of long-term struggles are whether they're relationship struggles, living struggles, or something else. If a person isn't careful, he or she can get comfortable in a bad situation and think that it'll never end. It will end, though. One just has to keep the faith.

I had to live in a motel room for three years. I stayed at the same place all three years and never missed a beat. Shoot, I stayed there so long that I almost forgot that I was living in a motel --'til some people reminded me just to be mean. 

I wasn't doing anything wrong. I wasn't living a bad lifestyle. In fact, I was living by Biblical principles the whole time. I just got stuck in the high rent/can't save cycle. I was earning enough to pay for the room, but I didn't have much left over afterward. So from on the outside looking in, it appeared to other people that I was either poor with money, or I had some secret vice or issue that was sucking up all my income. 

Nope. None of that. It really was the rent. I mean sure, I got some things that weren't necessities every once in a while, but they really had no bearing on the rent. Not buying them wasn't going to bring me any closer to an apartment approval. 

Actually, a lot of people get stuck in the motel room trap. Some people raise their children in them and have custody and everything. Property managers know that they can get away with charging people an arm and a leg too because they know they get stuck in the cycle. Rooms are much more expensive than apartments and mortgages are.

For me, it was about stability and showing that I could stay put and consistently pay the rent. I'd been doing it all my life, but for some reason, no one believed me?? Well, who the heck was paying my rent all my life then? I'd like to know that because I darn sure thought it was me. 

I never intended to stay in the motel past two years, but I kept getting rejected for apartments and homes! 

For years, I struggled to try to explain to potential landlords that I could pay the rent, but they kept telling me no, no, no, no, no, no matter what proof I showed them. Finally, I called a manager back after they denied my application, and I asked them why. You'll probably laugh when you read this, but the whole thing was a misunderstanding over my self-employment income. Yes, I have regular employment now, but I haven't been working there long, so they looked at the self-employment that I did for seven years prior to that. 

Well, my pay stubs have tricky wording that can lead the reviewer to believe that I only earn X-hundred dollars for the whole month instead of in one week. Once I realized how they were misinterpreting the wording, it was easy for me to understand why everyone told me no. 

So basically, I had to take some extra steps to show the income because the stubs were too confusing. I got approved, but I'm a bit overwhelmed. There's a lot of stuff to do. There's no way I'm passing this up, though. I think I've suffered in a motel room and dealt with its stigmas, stereotypes, and other issues long enough. 

It's a gorgeous place in a very good area, too. I only wish that I had gotten this before my middle son had decided to go into the military. I could have offered him to stay someplace decent until he was ready to go out on his own. But then again, everything happens for a reason. There's a reason I didn't get this until now and a reason that it's in a different town than I had my heart set on. Sometimes, the Heavenly Father has different plans for us than we have for ourselves. Oh well.  

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