My Associate Degree

UOP finally released my degree and sent me a nice pretty one. Yay! This little associate degree doesn't mean much to most folks, but it does to me. Considering what I was going through at the time, it's a miracle that I passed. By 2008, I had been through numerous emotionally devastating scenarios, almost died more than once, been raked through the coals, and had to "start over" several times. In fact, my middle name should be "start over" because it seems it's all I ever do. I'd love for Yah to send me a king who will love Him and me enough to where I don't ever have to do any more starting over. This king would be there for me and never leave my side. He'd protect me and cherish me and be my very best friend. Most importantly, he'd love and worship Yah and would be a good spiritual leader to me. 

Anyway, thanks UOP for releasing your death grip on my degree. I appreciate it more than you know. I have no idea what an Associate of Arts is good for these days (table cloth maybe), but I do have one, lol. 


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