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Newsflash: "Jesus" Wept

Everyone knows that I don't refer to the Messiah as Jesus, but for the sake of discussing him with people who don't know his real Hebrew name, I'll use the term. There seems to be a belief among certain people that we are supposed to walk around in this world and not display our emotions no matter how much painful stuff we endure or how many atrocities we see. Society often deems anyone who displays his or her emotions as problematic, weak, or worse yet, some kind of crazy. It's normal for society to have those cold views, but I'm shocked to hear them coming from people who refer to themselves as followers of "Christ." Well, which Christ do such people follow? There is more than one, actually. There's the one in the Bible, and then there's the one who one person made up and millions follow. 

It's gotten so bad lately that people are afraid to cry anymore. Crying is such a natural thing to do. Emotions are such natural things to have, as well. Our Creator designed us with those systems, but nowadays, people expect us to shut them down or shut them off. 

This note is for the "Christians" out there who think that there's something wrong with crying when something hurts or getting angry when something is clearly ungodly. "Jesus" wept (John 11:35). He also got angry when he saw something ungodly being done (Matthew 21:12). Our Father got angry many, many times (Deuteronomy 9:8, Psalms 7:11, Ezekiel 25:17 to name a few). So how is it that we're supposed to follow our Father or our Messiah, but we're supposed to also stifle the very emotions that He displayed in Scripture?


Believers are allowed to cry. Heck, we're supposed to cry. It's rather unhealthy NOT to cry if something hurts. We're allowed to be angry, but it has to be righteous anger, and it's not supposed to involve retaliation. In other words, we're not supposed to do the same wicked thing back to a person that they do to us. We're not supposed to try to hurt a person like they hurt us. We're not supposed to be manipulative and "teach them a lesson." That doesn't mean we can't contact the authorities or take them to court or report an incident or what have you. We're just not supposed to punish people and play vengeance games. Vengeance is for Yah! Furthermore, we're supposed to forgive our brothers and sisters.

As far as crying goes, I'd be leery of a person who never cries. It'd make me wonder what kind of spirit was in that person that he or she had no warmth or compassion and couldn't feel pain. 

There isn't anything wrong with people who express their emotions. If we weren't supposed to express them, we wouldn't have them. I never said anything differently. I said that proving our love to Yah has nothing to do with feelings...because he outright states how he wants us to do so. I said that our mushy feelings about him aren't what prove our love for him. Don't get that statement confused with not having any emotions at all. 

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