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Sure Hope Work Is Good Today

Today was a pretty confusing and annoying day. I haven’t even gotten to work yet, but hopefully, things will be better there. One thing that irks me is that certain transcription companies I used to do contract work for keep contradicting themselves. Their style guide says not to correct the speakers' grammar, but then they get on the transcribers for making grammatical errors in the transcript. Huh?

When people talk on the phone, they don’t use correct grammar. When people speak to each other, they don’t use correct grammar. Thus, we don’t type correct grammar when we type a verbatim (or even a non-verbatim) transcript. Yes, grammar should be an issue when it’s an article, book, or email. It shouldn’t be an issue in a transcript if the speaker isn’t using correct grammar. I mean, it has to be one way or the other. Either the transcribers are supposed to correct the grammar, or they’re not. Which one is it? If they’re not, shut up. If they are, put it in the stylebook and ask them if they’re willing to work as editors for the low pay.


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