The Muffler Project

I just decided what I was going to do today on my day off. That's what we have to do when we work for other people. We can't just lounge, frolic, travel, and write articles whenever we darn well please. Nope. We have a schedule to which we must adhere. We lease ourselves out to a corporation, and such a corporation expects us to be there when they put us on the schedule. So... Today is my day off for myself to do whatever I want. Tomorrow is for Yah.

I've had a messed up muffler on my car for eons. Crap, it was probably like that when I first bought it in 2013, but I don't really know because I spent zero time looking at the bottom. That' the thing about me and cars. I'll try to tackle anything under the hood, but I don't mess with tires, brakes, struts, shocks, or anything that one has to get underneath the car to access. I don't even do my own oil change because it requires me to get under the car to remove the filter and drain plug. Nope.

I don't have many options with the muffler because the hole is so big, but I can't afford to really buy a brand new muffler and pay a shop to weld it on or bolt it on. I don't have several hundred dollars for the work. I just don't, and I mean, it is what it is.

I think I want to try a patch and wrap job. I'm good at rigging stuff and doing DIY projects. People hate me for it, but it works for me more times than it doesn't. I have to do what's best for me and my budget because no one else is going to assist me. I can't worry about other people and what they think. 

I think I'll drive to Lowe's and see if I can find a piece of sheet metal the right size. Then maybe I can find something to adhere the metal to the muffler -- something that can withstand the heat, of course. After I get that straightened out, maybe I can wrap something around it to sort of seal the deal. Hangers are quite ghetto, but they probably work. Maybe that'll be my project today.

I just have a funny feeling that if I try to take that muffler off and fool with the exhaust, I will have an issue. I remember the hell that I went through just disconnecting the part of the exhaust that's under the hood during that head gasket project. It was a miracle that none of those old rusty bolts broke. I don't want to make my situation worse by breaking something under there.

And yes, I do realize that I just said that I was going to attempt to do work that requires me to get under the vehicle. I'll take this as another "growth opportunity" to get over my fear of being underneath a vehicle. I'll buy goggles to protect my eyes and take a deep breath.

Other than that, I think I will go to the Goodwill and the gym. I have little time to get to the gym anymore, so I have to do it today. I'm not really complaining. I'm just still getting used to stuff. It's amazing how long I worked for myself and had no boss. It was a little difficult getting over my seven-year "Be your own boss" stretch. I liked it, but personally, I like when I have more structure. Sometimes one can have too much freedom to do absolutely nothing. One can also have so much "me time" that she forgets how to interact with the people in society. So I think going back to "regular" work was a positive thing. I'm still my own boss when I think about it. I can decide not to work for these folks at any time because it's "at will" work. Isn't at-will work the same thing I was doing anyway?

I needed the time to myself to heal and be away from drama, trauma, etc. I needed the time to get to know my Heavenly Father. I appreciated the time and the fact that it paid my bills and kept me okay until I was ready to go back.

I guess I better go now. I'd like to get some writing done before I go on my missions. Sunset is getting earlier and earlier, so my time to do things on Friday is getting shorter. Here's a rollback video from when I was working on the car. I guess you'll have to hit the play button to watch it.


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