The Real Me

Everyone who knows me knows I'm an artist, or at least they should know by now. Music is my first love in terms of art, then creative writing. Business marketing article writing was just something I did to pay bills. I didn't necessarily like it because it didn't allow me a lot of creative freedom. 

Music wasn't something I just decided I wanted to do when I was thirtysomething. It's just that no one paid me much mind, so they didn't really know what I was into. I started writing poetry and short stories at a very young age. I wrote my first song when I was about 14, but I don't remember it in my head. It was a rap song I'm sure, and I wrote it at a time when my cousins were breakdancing and whatnot.

I called the first one I can remember writing and recording "Take It or Leave It." I can still remember the music and my first five or six lines. I was 17 when I wrote that, and I was not living in my parents' home. I had a job, though, and my boss had a studio and made music on the side. He produced the song. I made some other ones inside of professional studios and continued to write music over the years, but you know the story of starving artists, right? I never made it my primary focus because there was just not much money in it. 

I got back into it hard in 2009. I technically made three CDs, but I didn't feel they were as good as they could have been. For one, I hadn't yet repented, so there was a lot of "extra stuff" in the songs that shouldn't have been there (cussing, anger, etc.). Secondly, I hadn't found my voice yet. Back then, I tried to do every kind of music, every genre, every pitch, etc. Some of it worked for me, and some of it didn't, but I didn't really have a distinctive voice that I could say was "the real me." 

The CD that I am working on now is one I'd like to leave as my musical legacy. It says a lot about who I am NOW and what direction I'm going in. I don't proclaim perfection, but I do proclaim that a lot of work has been done. I think I found my voice, too. I believe the deeper vocals are best for me. My productions still aren't the highest of quality, but hey, it is what it is. I can't make spectacular productions without the funding and equipment, right? 

The Real Me is the title to the album, and there's a song with the same name. Check it out. Just click the little play button on the player. If you want to know my lyrics, you can visit the SoundClick page. I wrote them there. They're not downloadable because they aren't the final cuts. I'm still in the process of re-recording and smoothing everything out. 


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