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The Integrity of a Salesperson

When you work a sales position, you should always remember that you're working with human beings and their livelihoods and lives. Sometimes, the "products and services" that you sell them can affect their lives so much that they can live or die based upon what you tell them. Is it ethical to lie and then deny someone an inexpensive solution just to try to sell them a more expensive one? Is it moral to let them walk out the door with no solution even though you know they need immediate help?

I'm mostly talking about people who sell things in the health and dental fields, but this could apply to the automotive industry, cell phone industry, and other industries, as well. Salespersons should never lose their integrity just to try to make a sale. They should never let someone walk out the door with a life-threatening illness that could be resolved by a $4 prescription or an automotive problem that could ultimately cause an accident and hurt them and other innocent drive…

Face the Music

New Kids on the Block has always been one of my favorite boy bands. Yup, I enjoyed those five white fellas and thought they had great voices. Of course, I enjoyed groups like New Edition and Boyz II Men more, but the New Kids were definitely on the top of my list. I first started listening to them back in the day when I heard "Please Don't Go Girl" for the first time. I mistook Joey McIntyre for Micheal Jackson even though they were some years apart. Duh! He sounded like little Michael back then, though.

NKOTB were huge back in the day, I mean huge, but one day, they all grew up and wanted to exercise their own artistic styles. That's when they came up with the album "Face the Music." Their fans did not receive the album very well, and it didn't do well at all. I'd never even heard it until now. I got back into NKOTB when they got back together in 2008 and made the fantastic albums "The Block" and "10." I loved the direction they …