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My First Tire Blowout in Chevy Sonic LT

Yesterday, I had my first tire blowout ever. I was on my way to my destination from work. I wasn't feeling very well, and all I wanted to do was drink some hot tea and sleep so that I could get through the next day. I was listening to Justin Timberlake's old "Justified" album jamming to the music when my TPMS went off. I was on the highway doing "70-ish" in the Sonic LT

I didn't feel anything strange at first. I just saw the light, and I thought it had gone off because the tires lost pressure because of the cold air. I kept driving. Eventually, I felt vibrations, and I was like, "Dang. I think my tire is flat." Determined to get where I was going, I threw the hazards on, slowed down about 20 mph, called my boss about the following day, and kept going in the lonely lane. She rode pretty well for many miles. I almost made it to the destination, but I knew I was going to tear up my rim in the process, lol. I just wanted to get where I was going …

Dear GM, Please Cut Me a Check

Dear GM,

I was extremely disappointed that you failed to install a temperature gauge in the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic. I've always been a person who paid attention to details like that as I was operating my Chevrolet vehicles. It's one of the ways that I knew if I ever had a cooling system issue aside from looking and feeling under the hood every single day. 

Yes, you did install an "idiot light" in the Sonic, but an idiot light is exactly what it is. It doesn't give an obsessive gauge watcher like myself enough notification or control to decide when to stop operating a toasty vehicle. It waits until the engine has already overheated, and then it tells you that you've overheated the engine. 

My question for you, GM, is this: What good is that? 

I want to know that my temperature is rising way before I get in the red or anywhere near the red. That way, I can preserve my motor. Granted, many GM motors have taken a lot of abuse and run just fine afterward, but why must w…

Cars, Cars, and More Cars

This Nissan Maxima Platinum was kinda phat, but I was way too pissed off at the dealership to even give it props or a review. It will still NEVER float my boat the way something like this does:

NEVER! At this point, I'm super pissed that I gave up my Monte Carlo and didn't get something that was comparable to it. The problem that arose with the Sonic had NOTHING to do with it being a Chevrolet. It had something to do with the dealership maybe not fixing what was broken on the car before they sold it. You can't just leave cooling system issues on a car that has no temperature gauge. That's completely uncool. I didn't need to buy a Nissan to remedy the situation. I just needed the cooling system issue fixed, but by that time, I just wanted to get OUT of that grandma hatchback and get a real car. When I had to go back twice for repairs, I just wanted to get out of it and get something that was more my speed. 

I went in on my day off last week and spent the entire day th…

The Territorial Thing Is Stupid

You know, what really gets on my nerves is the "You have to live here forever because you were born here or raised here" mentality. What gets on my nerves even more than that is the "If you weren't born here or raised here, you don't belong here" mentality. 

That crap is stupid, and it causes people to treat other people like garbage. They could be missing out on good friendships, relationships, acquaintances, and employees just because of some dumb bogus territorial thing.

I'll say it again like I've said it many times before. We have NO CONTROL over where our parents choose to raise us. When we become adults, then we can make a conscious decision that our "hometown" sucks, and we should leave as quickly as possible. 

I, for one, am not proud of where I was born or raised. They were just places I lived when I was in my parents' care. I'm not attached to such places, and I never was. I have no burning desire to go back or even visit f…