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This Nissan Maxima Platinum was kinda phat, but I was way too pissed off at the dealership to even give it props or a review. It will still NEVER float my boat the way something like this does:

NEVER! At this point, I'm super pissed that I gave up my Monte Carlo and didn't get something that was comparable to it. The problem that arose with the Sonic had NOTHING to do with it being a Chevrolet. It had something to do with the dealership maybe not fixing what was broken on the car before they sold it. You can't just leave cooling system issues on a car that has no temperature gauge. That's completely uncool. I didn't need to buy a Nissan to remedy the situation. I just needed the cooling system issue fixed, but by that time, I just wanted to get OUT of that grandma hatchback and get a real car. When I had to go back twice for repairs, I just wanted to get out of it and get something that was more my speed. 

I went in on my day off last week and spent the entire day there only to be turned away with some lame excuse about my income and my employment status. Now mind you, nothing had changed since I'd been in there 40 days ago. But this time, they didn't want to give me a car that was going to make me happy. I wanted a cherry red Camaro, but I realized that the insurance and the payments were going to be too high. I compromised and was going to take a sexy red Sonic sedan model because I HATE hatchbacks, and I can't be bothered with shifting a stick anymore. 

To make a long story short, the salesperson pushed me off on someone else, and then they started acting funny about my paystubs, as if I had doctored them up. Fine. I printed them out from their computer just like they asked me to. Then, that wasn't good enough. They wanted proof of my self-employment income as well. I printed that out for them from their computer too. When it was all said and done, they decided that I no longer qualified for a different car and that I'd have to either take the Sonic that I didn't want or be without a car at all. 

HUH??? But I just...qualified...40 days ago...and I the same jobs. 


That whole experience was greazy as hell, and I haven't even given corporate an earful yet. I wanted to get my butt-ugly hatchback home safely first. Those folks are getting a huge thumbs down from me. I'd like to say that I appreciate that they sold me a car originally, but I don't. Now, I wish I would have just bought a new exhaust for my Monte and paid someone to put it on there. It would have run me for another five or 10 years. Now I'm stuck with something that doesn't excite me. Car payments suck when you don't even like the car you're paying for. My Camaro and my Monte were a pleasure to pay for because I loved them. I loathe this hatchback. I was going to leave the hatchback with them and surrender it to them, but I couldn't get in contact with anyone for a ride, lol. Otherwise, I was mad enough to just leave the heap of junk there. 

The 2018 Nissan Maxima Platinum was okay, but it didn't do anything for me. I liked that it had digital AND regular temperature gauges, lol. I liked the display screen. The car was way too heavy though. It was too much. I enjoyed driving the Altima better than the Maxima, actually. Enterprise gave me the car for a few days, and the dealership paid for it. I'm an old customer of Enterprise. Hopefully, I'll be able to rent some Camaros and Chargers from them in the future. I guess rentals are the way to go if I want to get my sports car fix.

As for the dealership, well, I hope they get excited about a huge sale and then it falls through on them.


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