Dear GM, Please Cut Me a Check

Dear GM,

I was extremely disappointed that you failed to install a temperature gauge in the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic. I've always been a person who paid attention to details like that as I was operating my Chevrolet vehicles. It's one of the ways that I knew if I ever had a cooling system issue aside from looking and feeling under the hood every single day. 

Yes, you did install an "idiot light" in the Sonic, but an idiot light is exactly what it is. It doesn't give an obsessive gauge watcher like myself enough notification or control to decide when to stop operating a toasty vehicle. It waits until the engine has already overheated, and then it tells you that you've overheated the engine. 

My question for you, GM, is this: What good is that? 

I want to know that my temperature is rising way before I get in the red or anywhere near the red. That way, I can preserve my motor. Granted, many GM motors have taken a lot of abuse and run just fine afterward, but why must we chance it on a four-cylinder car? 

GM, I feel as though you need to cut me a check for the $130 I had to invest to install a tool that has a temperature gauge readout on it. The temperature gauge is an essential item, not an optional item. I shouldn't have had to create a "special trim" just to be able to see how hot my car is running. Additionally, you should start adding the gauge to future Sonic models. 

Aside from my hatchback being extremely ugly because it's a hatchback, I think the car is cool for its class. It's good on gas, and it is a great performer, very speedy, for its class. I emphasize the phrase "for its class" because I'm still a Camaro girl. I'll never be completely happy with a car like the Sonic because I want another Camaro. I'd have gladly purchased a Monte Carlo if you hadn't ceased its production for no apparent reason.

GM, you may send the check to my PO Box, which you can find in the "About Timiarah Camburn" section of this blog. Thanks so much.


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