The Territorial Thing Is Stupid

You know, what really gets on my nerves is the "You have to live here forever because you were born here or raised here" mentality. What gets on my nerves even more than that is the "If you weren't born here or raised here, you don't belong here" mentality. 

That crap is stupid, and it causes people to treat other people like garbage. They could be missing out on good friendships, relationships, acquaintances, and employees just because of some dumb bogus territorial thing.

I'll say it again like I've said it many times before. We have NO CONTROL over where our parents choose to raise us. When we become adults, then we can make a conscious decision that our "hometown" sucks, and we should leave as quickly as possible. 

I, for one, am not proud of where I was born or raised. They were just places I lived when I was in my parents' care. I'm not attached to such places, and I never was. I have no burning desire to go back or even visit for one day. I've been down South since 2010, and I'm still happier here even with all the funny faces, foul treatment, Yankee whispers, and non-hospitality that I get sometimes. Some places were more welcoming than others were. I didn't receive the cold shoulder in Florida as much as I did in South Carolina from the community members. But that doesn't make me want to leave or return to some place where I was utterly miserable. 

We have a right to choose where we want to live. We don't have to live around "family" if we don't want to, especially if that "family" means us no good. We don't have to live where we were born, and we don't have to live where other people think we should live. And if we were seriously going to go by some unwritten territorial rule, then our people would need to exit the United States immediately and be shipped back either to the Holy Land or the West Coast of Africa so that we could "live where we truly belong." 

The whole thing is stupid, and I get tired of people treating me like I don't belong here in this area. Whether I belong or not, this is where I am, and it's where I'll remain until the Kingdom comes. 


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